Borderlands 2 Slot Machine Glitch



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Author ssbbike zelgius (4 months)
I don't think people are saying that this game has no glitches and that it
is perfect. What they really mean is that the chances of this happening is
(0). If it was a glitch than gearbox would have most likely have patched it

Author Ashnno (5 months)
You 'broke' the game, huh?

Author Kazz Kowalski (1 day)
video of cheating or hacking is COMPLETLY USELESS.

Author Shay™ (3 months)
Black widow?

Author flameEmporer infernalblaze (4 months)
Guys it's not cheat engine I did it legit no vids I'm proving it's not
cheat engine plus look at the videos there is always a resemblance 

Author AgentKB11 (7 months)
I knok this is kinda late but I dont think this is a glitch.. I think its
the CheatEngine thing you can download it and the thing to get all
legendaries out of slot machines every time and also you can only use
cheat engine on PC so yeah this is just my theory/opinion.

Author hamish wilson (4 months)
WOW this looks like a Cool "Glitch"

Author Kalvin Mcbride (4 months)
U idots find guns dont cheat

Author Andreas Sundstedt (2 months)
u did not breack the game u hackt it

Author blaine simth (1 month)
Psn is blaine_the_killr

Author Kade Warren (8 months)
You two are totall dumbasses

Author Julie MacLaren (8 months)
can i have some

Author Julie MacLaren (8 months)
can i have any

Author Michelle Bombshell (1 month)
How do you do that

Author SeedMayers (8 months)
yes i can break the game too! Its caled SAVEDITOR! I can have all
legendaries i want without waisting my time on the slotmachine. just where
is the fun after getting all shit you want. you run trough the levels
totaly overpowerd and then it gets boring. best way to destroy your gaming

Author comedymister15 (5 months)
q:why does nobody in the vids try to figure out how they di it
A:not a glitch actualy a cheat engine.

Author master han (7 months)
can I get a pistol,sub machine gun legendaries for xbox 360 my gamertag is

Author yusufcan özyurt (5 months)
dat is not gliscth tis is a hack . 

Author jeffrey sears (6 months)
how do you DO

Author Shen HiLow (1 year)
U need cheat engine and the a file that is called slot machine cheat file
only works on pc no other console

Author mexicanmanjohn (1 year)
This isnt with cheat engine

Author Savalas Everette (11 months)

Author mexicanmanjohn (1 year)
Thank you! but I play on pc

Author dandremetych (10 months)
I need some guns :(

Author RayAIRSGod (11 months)
Anybody got level 30 legendaries? On steam I'm cyborg ninja jesus chicken

Author ColonelSanders JR (1 year)
do u have a baby maker lvl 50 becausw if so i will dupe shreddifier and
slagga and maggie

Author jimmy holliday (1 year)
i can dupe u a norfleet and any other legendary but no sledgers shotgun

Author biggeraphid256 (1 year)

Author AllYourBase AreBelongToUs (9 months)

Author bailey daugherty (1 year)
Yeah how do u do this

Author mexicanmanjohn (1 year)
no idea

Author Diego Flores (1 year)
Can I get in a game with you message me gamer tag is B4d D4wg I will sub

Author mexicanmanjohn (1 year)
no clue

Author XepicmX (1 year)
could you dupe for me please im on PV i dont know how to download a
character :(

Author FlzFinest83 (9 months)
Cheat engine it only works for pc.. You know you guys could also put it so
the slots are fixed so you won't have to waste any money.

Author Kespa Katsuk (1 year)
If anyone can duplicate/dupe a level 50 or higher Hellfire, Slagga, sledges
shotgun, shreddifier, maggie or lyuda add me. Ps3: SCREAM4567 thanks

Author Kai Orr (9 months)
Dude wtf you never told how to do wou dude you prob hack

Author mexicanmanjohn (1 year)
no its just a glitch. its happened to us multipul times

Author Unknownmonkey13 (1 year)
How did you do this glitch?

Author Tyler Omegasquid (1 year)
How to do?

Author GalaxyGamer paco (9 months)
Whats the glitch

Author UncleJimRogers (11 months)

Author Tyler Cutshaw (1 year)

Author James Pipington (1 year)
-Whiney- Why, yes I am kind sir, I am glad you noticed. I have noticed that
you sir, are indeed a Walrus.

Author SN0WYxLEGEND (1 year)
Saad face

Author 2BakedPotatos (1 year)
if your on psn and can dupe me a norfleet or a slegdgers shotgun if you can
add me on psn jim-bouy2000

Author roflturds3 (1 year)

Author chris souve (1 year)
How did u do it

Author skiba789 (1 year)
could you dupe some of these guns for me i'm on pc :)

Author ThatIrishGamer2013 (1 year)
how you do this bro

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