Borderlands 2 Slot Machine Glitch



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Author Philip Jee ( ago)
well sed good video but wants the point no fun isn't the point of this game
to get good loot and be happy about it that being sed can't wait til number
3 comes out one day !!

Author Jason Baillie ( ago)
"We were just playing and this happened" I've never seen anyone full of so
much shit in my life. You used a cheat engine script to fuck with the
numbers. Way to ruin the game for yourself, you will never want to play a
game legit again.

Author Pr1c3less EU ( ago)
No you weren't glitching you were using cheat engine.

Author Jeffrey Hernandez ( ago)
That's dumb y'all were just talking and did nothing to help say how you did
it why say "how to" when y'all were just messing around and not even
talking nor guiding to do it just don't have YouTube channel if you're no

Author Seth Voies ( ago)
You pc people

Author Seth Voies ( ago)
You back I don't

Author EatChew Sandwhich ( ago)
How do u do it

Author iPJman ( ago)
It's on PC. Borderlands 2 on PC is super easy to hack there is a guide on
how to use cheat engine to get infinite legendary's from slot machine

Author AssassinsKing ( ago)
im stupid. sorry

Author kitghost1 ( ago)
People this isn't nessisarily a mod or cheat or hack, there was a day when
gearbox accidentally set legendary spawn rates to 500%

Author Shamondre Byers ( ago)
Add me shamondreByers80 please

Author Rüçhan Görkem Şahin ( ago)
Its aint a cheeting its about dashboard 

Author Tanma Praiser ( ago)
did you do the leviathan glitch?

Author creepermaster369 ( ago)
other wise they would show us

Author creepermaster369 ( ago)

Author Littleshark719 ( ago)
This dum like the bitch is good it has fast fire rate

Author GalaxyGamer paco ( ago)
Whats the glitch

Author - Nymph - ( ago)
Cheat engine :/

Author Cats The Spooky ( ago)

Author FlzFinest83 ( ago)
Cheat engine it only works for pc.. You know you guys could also put it so
the slots are fixed so you won't have to waste any money.

Author Brett meakes ( ago)
How do u like 'break' the game?

Author Kai Orr ( ago)
Dude wtf you never told how to do wou dude you prob hack

Author Donavhen Palos ( ago)

Author Dandre Metych ( ago)
I need some guns :(

Author Kyle Brown ( ago)

Author Josh Kwan ( ago)
"Broke the game"

Author Fero Sanchez ( ago)
Great job bitches

Author The Compadre ( ago)
Nobody knows how this is just a random glitch

Author Becky York ( ago)

Author kevin MCFManiaHD ( ago)
Will you do a tutorial I'm getting pissed no one did a fucking tutorial

Author UncleJimRogers ( ago)

Author Colin Pointer ( ago)
best name ever

Author Daniel Facey ( ago)
Ur a fucking hacker noob

Author RayAIRSGod ( ago)
Anybody got level 30 legendaries? On steam I'm cyborg ninja jesus chicken

Author Savalas Everette ( ago)

Author bailey daugherty ( ago)
Yeah how do u do this

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
I have no idea. We've had it happen about 5 times before

Author Cwagmires ( ago)
It would be nice if you could tell us how you did this

Author Chris M ( ago)
Cheat engine

Author Angus G ( ago)
Add me on Steam- Nuggets

Author TeQzElementzz ( ago)
Need unkempt harolds xbl Zephyr Archon

Author Bum Merrick ( ago)
How do u do that??????!

Author James Pipington ( ago)
-Whiney- Why, yes I am kind sir, I am glad you noticed. I have noticed that
you sir, are indeed a Walrus.

Author DoctorWalrus ( ago)
You sir are a horse.

Author gr8momba ( ago)

Author Chronepsis5 ( ago)
I got all the dupes you need BEERCULEES67 on psn sure wish the community as
a whole would be more specific about what they game on lotta guys droping
gamer tags but not.what system they own makes it hard to trade.

Author Unknownmonkey13 ( ago)
How did you do this glitch?

Author James Pipington ( ago)
He used cheat engine, glitching the game on this is almost literally

Author Jonathan Hui ( ago)
then how did you do it?

Author Jonathan Hui ( ago)
then how did you do it?

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
This isnt with cheat engine

Author Lachlan Woodham ( ago)
U need cheat engine and the a file that is called slot machine cheat file
only works on pc no other console

Author santiago ( ago)
He used cheat engine to mod borderlands

Author ThatIrishGamer2013 ( ago)
how you do this bro

Author Alex Wagner ( ago)
i can dupe one for you my gt is GRANNY TURTLES

Author BradenSamples Samples ( ago)
it's not broke it moded

Author josh miller ( ago)
I just lmao when you guys ask to dupe

Author Tricia Norman ( ago)
Someone wanna dupe legends on xbox?!? My gt is Bootleg C0dyy... the o in
C0dyy is a zero.........

Author XepicmX ( ago)
could you dupe for me please im on PV i dont know how to download a
character :(

Author pugliesej ( ago)
anyone willing to dupe a lvl50 Infinity pistol? been "farming" Mercy going
on 2weeks, won't drop it. xbox GT = fromDdark

Author george mccluskey ( ago)
can you guy dupe some legendarys for me i am on steam my name is

Author ColonelSanders JR ( ago)
do u have a baby maker lvl 50 becausw if so i will dupe shreddifier and
slagga and maggie

Author Patrick Bick ( ago)
ps3 patrickbick04

Author Kespa Katsuk ( ago)
If anyone can duplicate/dupe a level 50 or higher Hellfire, Slagga, sledges
shotgun, shreddifier, maggie or lyuda add me. Ps3: SCREAM4567 thanks

Author Sevzzengaming ( ago)
could you dupe some weapons to me on pc?

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
you can just download a character who has almost every legendary

Author skiba789 ( ago)
could you dupe some of these guns for me i'm on pc :)

Author RAGEING CoRE ( ago)
how do you do the glitch

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
no its not

Author jimmy holliday ( ago)
i can dupe u a norfleet and any other legendary but no sledgers shotgun

Author ThewyTea ( ago)
How do you do that

Author Zack Johnson ( ago)
If ne one has a slag or fire confrence or any new level legendaries hmu on
xbox : d1rtyk0rpz

Author MrPreditaah ( ago)
I Play Xbox... I dupe litterally every gun

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
sorry, i play on pc

Author 2BakedPotatos ( ago)
if your on psn and can dupe me a norfleet or a slegdgers shotgun if you can
add me on psn jim-bouy2000

Author SN0WYxLEGEND ( ago)
Saad face

Author johnny mccoy ( ago)

Author SuperTyCo ( ago)
does it really matter if it is on pc or xbox or ps3? likeis it easier for
the game to glitch on different systems?

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
its not a mod. im pretty sure it has something to do with it being an
online game and then we just kept spamming the slots until it broke

Author roflturds3 ( ago)

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
Thank you! but I play on pc

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
yea i dont think they are worth it. it seems like at lower levels you get
the jackpot faster though

Author SN0WYxLEGEND ( ago)
dude could i get in a game with u u sound awsome and are awsome at this
game and u are just toatlly awsome btw my gamer tag is poco1235 message me
if u would like to

Author SuperTyCo ( ago)
the slot machines hate me... i went and got a buddy to boost me up from
terramorphous and got millions. i went and wasted all that fat stacks on
the slots, and best i got was three eridium jackpots. i had 99 eridium to
start so basically 3 and a quarter million bucks in the slots can get you
at most: a blue gun...

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
its not a mod. im pretty sure it has something to do with it being an
online game and then we just kept spamming the chest until it broke

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
this is on pc

Author Diego Flores ( ago)
Can I get in a game with you message me gamer tag is B4d D4wg I will sub

Author xDuMbStarZx ( ago)
Dumb byches....both of u that a mod people the biyachesss lies

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
no idea

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
no idea

Author chris souve ( ago)
How did u do it

Author ttfatkat ( ago)
How'd you do it???

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
yea sure hah

Author Tommylee winder ( ago)
Can I get in a game with you?

Author senunkid ( ago)
It's a mod your friend hosted the game and lied to you.

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
no its just a glitch. its happened to us multipul times

Author Skeleton Craft ( ago)
That isnt a glitch it's only Cheat Engine! BL2 Cheater

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
no clue

Author mexicanmanjohn ( ago)
no idea haha

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