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Author Mishko O (4 years)
The legendary comedy, " Absolutely Fabulous" , broadcast a few years ago in
Serbia! Was very popular in Serbia, we lack! Edina and Patsy and the other
, are legends! Thanks Jennifer ,Joanna and ,Julia ,June ,Jane ! A big thank
you to the authors, Jennifer Saunders, and of course Dawn French! Greetings
from Serbia all, Edina DARLING be careful how you drive, the next time a
car drives Patsy,.. (laughter) -- Легендарна комедија, Поздрав Едини и
Петси! Поздрав из Србије!

Author palatinesouth (4 years)
What episode do they fall drunk into a grave?

Author AbFabFan09 (6 years)
I think jen has said she goes on youtube so you never know. another new
episode would be fabulous

Author Harper-Greer Mangini (4 years)
LOVE this scene. Can't help but notice they're drinking the BEST champagne
ever. . .Veuve Cliquot! LOL! I wish we could see the show in syndication
here in America. It's the perfect "girls" show to share with your friends
now & again. Maybe I should just buy the DVD, 'eh?

Author Ahndrea Sprattling (4 years)
@palatinesouth Death

Author aussiebeachbum07 (7 years)
7th comment.... i was taking my friend to hospital... shes sick =] classic.

Author jimm2224 (3 years)
Whot?! Whot?! lololol

Author fanfreek (6 years)
amazing scene! definitely a classic

Author palatinesouth (4 years)
@futureshocker LOL guess that's named right.

Author Justin Durr (6 years)
"Come by....Come by!!" lol god I'd love to try that!

Author solwolfpunk (7 years)
They are my heroes!

Author jimm2224 (3 years)
@ThomasClarke101 Series 2, Epidose 5, "Poor"

Author gizzle88 (6 years)
lmao love that line

Author Ahndrea Sprattling (4 years)
@palatinesouth yeah LOL

Author zedzarba (4 years)
"Oi you pig...what are you doing to her....." great stuff.

Author Calzaar (4 years)
@efforffefoni1 they are :]

Author tall32guy (3 years)
You think THIS is funny you should watch the scene afterward when they're
in court! LOL

Author MsCargento (3 years)
omg, these fine ladies are frickin hilarious!!!!!!

Author Thomasclarke101 (3 years)
which series and episode is this please?

Author ImeldaLumos (6 years)
I think my cheeks and lips hurts from smiling. That was just priceless,
seeing her crawling and spinning around at the baffled cop's feet.

Author Dylan Robson (6 years)
i love it when she falls over lol eddie n patsy r CLASSIC XD

Author Matt Little (3 years)
i laughed so hard when i first saw this..this scene made me start to watch
the show :3 <3

Author MsFanmail (4 years)
Joanna and jennifer are so amazing in this. Joanna is my role model she is
a classy lady and very elegant not like katie price who is always in the
papers i don't know why girls look up to her.

Author martin teras (5 years)
OHG I watched that video 4 times in a row, i can stop laughing, when shes
like COME BY COME by and when sirn goes off when eddie gets outta the car

Author gizzle88 (7 years)

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