AbFab - Busted Drunk Driving

Eddie and Pasty get pulled up by the cops while driving under the influence

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Author Matt Little ( ago)
i laughed so hard when i first saw this..this scene made me start to watch
the show :3 <3

Author MsCargento ( ago)
omg, these fine ladies are frickin hilarious!!!!!!

Author tall32guy ( ago)
You think THIS is funny you should watch the scene afterward when they're
in court! LOL

Author jimm2224 (2044 years ago)
Whot?! Whot?! lololol

Author jimm2224 ( ago)
@ThomasClarke101 Series 2, Epidose 5, "Poor"

Author Thomasclarke101 ( ago)
which series and episode is this please?

Author MsFanmail ( ago)
Joanna and jennifer are so amazing in this. Joanna is my role model she is
a classy lady and very elegant not like katie price who is always in the
papers i don't know why girls look up to her.

Author Ahndrea Sprattling ( ago)
@palatinesouth yeah LOL

Author palatinesouth ( ago)
@futureshocker LOL guess that's named right.

Author Ahndrea Sprattling ( ago)
@palatinesouth Death

Author Mishko O ( ago)
The legendary comedy, " Absolutely Fabulous" , broadcast a few years ago in
Serbia! Was very popular in Serbia, we lack! Edina and Patsy and the other
, are legends! Thanks Jennifer ,Joanna and ,Julia ,June ,Jane ! A big thank
you to the authors, Jennifer Saunders, and of course Dawn French! Greetings
from Serbia all, Edina DARLING be careful how you drive, the next time a
car drives Patsy,.. (laughter) -- Легендарна комедија, Поздрав Едини и
Петси! Поздрав из Србије!

Author palatinesouth ( ago)
What episode do they fall drunk into a grave?

Author Calzaar ( ago)
@efforffefoni1 they are :]

Author Harper-Greer Mangini ( ago)
LOVE this scene. Can't help but notice they're drinking the BEST champagne
ever. . .Veuve Cliquot! LOL! I wish we could see the show in syndication
here in America. It's the perfect "girls" show to share with your friends
now & again. Maybe I should just buy the DVD, 'eh?

Author zedzarba ( ago)
"Oi you pig...what are you doing to her....." great stuff.

Author martin teras ( ago)
OHG I watched that video 4 times in a row, i can stop laughing, when shes
like COME BY COME by and when sirn goes off when eddie gets outta the car

Author AbFabFan09 ( ago)
I think jen has said she goes on youtube so you never know. another new
episode would be fabulous

Author fanfreek ( ago)
amazing scene! definitely a classic

Author ImeldaLumos ( ago)
I think my cheeks and lips hurts from smiling. That was just priceless,
seeing her crawling and spinning around at the baffled cop's feet.

Author Dylan Robson ( ago)
i love it when she falls over lol eddie n patsy r CLASSIC XD

Author Justin Durr ( ago)
"Come by....Come by!!" lol god I'd love to try that!

Author gizzle88 (109 years ago)
lmao love that line

Author aussiebeachbum07 ( ago)
7th comment.... i was taking my friend to hospital... shes sick =] classic.

Author solwolfpunk ( ago)
They are my heroes!

Author gizzle88 ( ago)

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