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Author Nicholas Georgianis (1 year)
The Plutocracy: Billionaire Koch Brothers/ Koch Industries BOYCOTT!

Author elviscash56 (1 year)
You ecofascist, economically illiterate hippies are what's wrong with this
country. You have absolutely no understanding of science OR economics.
Your beliefs are rooted in delusional hysteria, you have no understanding
of what money actually is or how it is actually obtained. You shit on
logic and reason any chance you get and worst of all, you use the freedoms
granted to you by the constitution to try and dismantle the freedoms
granted by the constitution. The Koch brothers and Koch industries are not
evil. They employ over 100,000 people around the world and produce
valuable consumer and industrial products that are vital to the modern
world. Climate change is not a man made problem, it's a natural phenomenon
of the earth. Haven't you idiots ever heard of the ice age?

Author bill boyd (1 year)
You would not think being a TOP TEN POLLUTER would make them so popular
among OUR Tax Paid Government. BENZINE must be Good for US.

Author abetterplayer (4 years)
@55ella2007k yeah, i've started to realise the system is good in theory but
incredible flawed when people don't follow the rules or behave unethically,
which in a capitalist economy is the biggest oxymoron i can think of ...
it's kind of funny when you think about it.

Author Debra S (4 years)
@Ralphdraw3 - Okay ... so what of Obama? How has he improved anything?
Surely he must have had some impact on all of these things (falling wages,
recessions, bankruptcy, unemployment, foreclosures). I grow tired of the
constant whining about the rich - and how they are - across the board -
responsible for everything. Maybe they'll all just leave, and then who can
we blame?? Interesting comment also, on the competition of EU prisions.
Someday, that will be here. All under Obama or whoever.

Author seamoremonster (4 years)
Excellent Ralph. I'll share the shit out of this one. Important! Thanks...

Author Debra S (4 years)
That means YOUR house - if it's worth anything. Or ... it could help to
house multiple families, if you have the space, comrade. The fact that you
(innocently?) join in on this bandwagon - instead of working to expose how
overall, the American public is being 'raped' - makes you somewhat of an
accomplice, as far as I am concerned.

Author 55ella2007k (4 years)
Good video. However, their retail products are only a tiny fraction of the
overall influence these people wield. So boycotting their consumer end
products is more or less a symbolic act, which will not hurt their bottom
in the least. They have their fingers in everything, as you pointed out.
Moreover, the entire political system has been so corrupted by mega corps,
that it has become endemic + almost impossible to change from within.
Democracy in the US is effectively dead.

Author Wittgensteinism (4 years)

Author Hugh Jass (4 years)
Vanity Fair too!? Too bad, it is such a great magazine.

Author xxxRadarxxx (4 years)
Buy Seventh Generation products! Less money in these bastards' pockets!

Author gagaplex (3 years)
I don't recognize any of those products, but I wouldn't be surprised if
they had their hands in products sold around here as well.

Author Debra S (4 years)
Both parties are co-opted by Wall Street and the banksters. There is no
difference. You are attacking the one side, which only upholds the other -
which is just as bad ... maybe even worse, due to their stealth. No - Koch
is no worse than it's opposite (liberal) equal. The goal of the finger
puppets in CONgress, is to collapse the nation and thus aid their owners -
the Banksters - to buy-up hard assets with worthless devalued dollars for
worthless pennies-on-the-worthless-dolla­rs"

Author jkay07 (4 years)
I hate corporatism but I don't believe it is the epitome of evil, neither
do i think that boycotting will be an effective weapon against it. In cases
like Wisconsin's union vs. M & I bank, it was very effective. But generally
it hurts more than helps. Kochs also employ thousands of workers. e.g. I
absolutely hate WalMart and their practices and I try to avoid purchasing
anything from there but a complete boycott would hurt even me. They're
still the largest and cheapest retailer in the US.

Author donnyforte2 (4 years)
Haha, they also screwed their own brothers when buying out their stock.
They have no soul.

Author kingjoe420 (4 years)
tom goes to the mayor??????????? what does tom have to do with koch? did i
miss something?

Author swiftmachine1515 (4 years)
hhmmm.. well, I'm no Republican, or straightforward conservative, but I
thought that the "trickle-down" economic philosophy worked pretty well. I
mean, sure, the top CAN and usually DOES get more money, but, in a
(hypothetical) good situation, wouldn't the people who are lower on the
money chain still get an increase in wealth, too? it's like if I had $100,
and you had $10. due to greater productivity, I still have more, but we
both get big increases. I thought that philosophy worked. :P

Author revbookburn (4 years)
May the boycott go viral against the Koch dirtbags.

Author UtwoBed (3 years)
@arklat I don't deny it I'm just saying it's insignificant compared to
natural causes like changes in the Sun. Warming is one thing, toxic
emission another. From a purely libertarian view, nobody can "own" the
water or the air. Therefore everyone should be required to return it to the
environment in at as good a condition as they got it before they used it.
This could be done by properly applying existing laws. leaving it to
government can only be a disaster like everything else they do.

Author Viracocha711 (3 years)
@UtwoBed Your comment made about as much sense as an Young Earth
Creationist arguing for the theory of Evolution! Seriously, you are
confused big time!

Author Ginger Ferguson (3 years)
I keep a list of their products with me at all times and I do boycott
anything Koch related. Their goal is to take over our government and
privitize everything for profits for themselves and wealthy corporate
owners and their puppet polticans. They funded many extreme rightwing
propaganda groups and buy the airwaves to distort the truth about President
Obama achievements despite their obstructionism.

Author DoubleU (4 years)
nice piece! what pricks....

Author Ally Means (4 years)
I like it, but next time talking would be better. I love opera, but not
when you're dropping bombshells on me.

Author Ali Rezaabady (4 years)
Way to go Ralph. My respect and thank you for posting this video.

Author topthickproducer (4 years)
Don't use paper, it is cleaner to use soap and water! LOL

Author AnotherWayFilms (4 years)
Union Now!

Author Eaglesfaninca (4 years)
@UtwoBed Wow... Just... Wow... I don't know what else to say.

Author R. E. Heubel (1 year)
Then you might become a billionaire too! Instead of being a poor guy
wasting his time at Youtube. When you wipe your butt, you can thank Charles
and David!

Author UtwoBed (4 years)
We live in a corporate world. To avoid every company that is causing damage
to us one way or another is impossible, you would have to boycott
everything. We all know these guys are screwing up the environment but
unless you are living under a rock it is well established that any climate
change that is occurring is not man made. The whole "Global Warming" thing
is a total hoax brought to you by the same assholes that own all the

Author swiftmachine1515 (4 years)
@Ralphdraw3 lol, the unions hurt American business. They CAN be good, but
they take away money from sectors that help produce products at lower
prices. Although you CAN say that unions help keep capitalism "in line" (by
implementing certain important rules and regulations, such as minimum wage,
job safety, race relations, etc.), they are usually just as bad and just as
greedy as the Koch Brothers, or any other top-dog capitalist, for that
matter. Just gotta maintain your morality.

Author Rod Ruger (1 year)
For balance to anti-Koch Industries rhetoric, read: 10-4-2011 article in
the Atlantic by Daniel Indiviglio or 10-4-2011 article in Bloomberg
BusinessWeek by The Editors. Intellectual honesty demands reading about
KI's environmental and safety awards over the years. KI self-reports any
and all environmental accidents to the EPA or related agencies. KI still
gets fined, of course. No person who is determined to hate the Kochs or KI
cares to delve into the facts.

Author David W Yuhnke (4 years)
@Fringe111 Corporate interests employ psychologists and sociologists to
discover how to manipulate human beings and motivate them toward their own
purposes. The vast majority of the population is uneducated and/or too busy
watching celebrities on TV and in the movies/other media to bother to know
what's really going on.

Author swiftmachine1515 (4 years)
then what's your solution?

Author zippyman818 (4 years)
Vanity Fair (napkins)! Phew, I can give those up. SO glad I don't have to
change my brand of toilet paper!

Author UtwoBed (4 years)
@Ralphdraw3 Could be a number of reasons. These people don't agree on
everything and there is a certain amount of in-fighting. Maybe he's not
getting a cut that satisfies him. Another tactic they commonly use is
"controlled opposition" which is similar to the "False Flag Attack" tactic.
Create a problem then be there with the solution you wanted. It's like the
two party political system, they fund and control both sides while
maintaining this illusion of a difference. Divide and conquer.

Author Barnekkid (4 years)
That's it, no more Brawny for me.

Author arklat (3 years)
@UtwoBed > I'm sorry. If history teaches any lessons,the lesson history has
taught us is that left to police themselves, corporations have failed.
Miserably! They cannot be entrusted to regulate themselves. They just don't
have the motivation do "Do the right thing." applying the existing laws IS
leaving it to the government regulatory agencies. They are far from
perfect, but, they are a deterrent to wholesale recklessness on the part of
companies that engage in the type of business the Koch's.

Author hatemorethanyou999 (4 years)
He's a fucking Orc! What else can I say!

Author Michael Hill (4 years)
@swiftmachine1515 What is it like to be totally clueless? How can you
function in society like that?

Author UtwoBed (3 years)
@arklat I disagree. I think it's the failure of government not so much the
corporations. They are run by people and such is their nature. It is the
responsibility of government under the rule of law, to keep them, us, in
check. I think it's our Constitution that is a miserable failure. Not
enough checks and balances to maintain the rule of law from being perverted
by the evil nature of men. Government is a natural magnet for those seeking
money and power, and it failed to stop them.

Author FrostbittenWolf (4 years)
Angel Soft? Great. So on top of keeping politicians in their pocket they
produce cheap toilet paper that my dog can vaporize by sniffing it. DAMN
YOU KOCH BROTHERS!! In all seriousness i never bought Georgia Pacific
products anyway, but i've got a few co-workers who will be interested in
the lists and the boycott. I'll pass this on to them.

Author swiftmachine1515 (4 years)
lol, you guys haven't solved the questions and problems that apparently I
can't do. xD so I'll ask again: if what I THOUGHT was good economics
(Reaganomics, supply-side economics, trickle-down theory, etc.), then what
WILL work?

Author dangerouslytalented (4 years)
maybe you should put a proper list in the doobilydoo.

Author tomitstube (4 years)
excellent as always ralph.

Author Tatiana Costantinni (4 years)
@swiftmachine1515 Apparently economics is not your de forte.....

Author S8 family (1 year)
My god, are you brainwashed or what! Freaks like you push me to the right
even though I am a social liberal.

Author the1tigglet (4 years)
great video i would like to see a clear image of the products for home
repair tho, couldn't read a single one.

Author hunterswine (4 years)
They will stay on this earth FOREVER!

Author Fringe111 (4 years)
Why can't the american people wake up to this corporate takeover??????????

Author UtwoBed (3 years)
@Viracocha711 Sorry if critical thinking is over your head. Maybe you've
been drinking too much fluoridated water.

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