2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple w/ hauck growlers

2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple with modified hauck growlers exhaust. Comment and Rate PLEASE.

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Author Matt peters (5 years)
whers this "turbo" cuz i wanna see it

Author Stephen McConnell (3 years)
nice sounding sled. them triples are wirey as fuck

Author Jørgen Jonas (4 years)
Hi i have a question i have a Yamaha SXR 600 and want a new can where get i
order one am from norway and will it make the snowmobile faster or go
better faster start if you know what i mean PM me

Author dylangagne (5 years)
ok. sounds good to me. thanks for the suggestion.

Author dylangagne (5 years)
the video heading doesn't say anything about any turbo being in the moter,
or anything to do with the moter. so i don't know where all the stuff about
the turbo bearings and post turbo induction is coming from.

Author Christian Boots (5 years)
umm, seriously? How? Sorry, but I'm having a hard time understanding how a
600 can spool a turbocharger that large. What did you use to cool and/or
oil the turbo bearings? What did you fabricate for post turbo induction?

Author dylangagne (5 years)
it's in the pipe.

Author Christian Boots (5 years)
@dylangagne "2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple with a Cummins Turbo Performane
Exhaust" and title "Cummins Turbo Performance Snowmobile Exhaust"... Anyone
reading these would immediately think that somewhere on that sled is a
stock cummins turbo because there's no such thing as Performance Cummins
Diesel exhaust on a 2 stoke yamaha snowmobile, hence my comment about the
turbo. You might wanna rename the video something simple like just "2000
Yamaha SXR 600 idling" to avoid confusion maybe?

Author sam14reba13 (4 years)
you guys are queer. :)

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