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Author Yonnie Zerfu (3 months)
kale hewete yasmalen amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Hana alemu (1 month)

Author amare254 (4 months)
ከዳን እስከ ቤርሳቤህ
ዛሬም ሞልቷል ምስጋናህ
ተነሳ ልቤ ዘምር
ለጌታ ለእግዚአብሔር
በገና ተነሳ እንዚራ
ማዳኑን እንድናወራ
ብትቀድሙ ብትከተሉ
ሁላችሁ ሆሳዕና በሉ
እግዚአብሄር ዘመን ከሰጠ
ይዘምር የተለወጠ
እልልታ ይሁን ለስሙ
ለዋጀን በወርቅ ደሙ

Author Ben Zerai (5 months)
kalehiweten yasemalen Amen!!!

Author Minase Gebrehanna (11 months)

Author Hjk Bnm (7 months)
kalehiweten yasemalen amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author zelalem embiale (1 year)
zemare melak yasemalin

Author Brke Balkew (11 months)
Amen Amen Amen God bless you!!! Zmare melaekt yesemaln Egziabher Tsegawun
yabzalh God bless Ethiopia! 

Author Hjk Bnm (7 months)
ለአንተ ዝማሬመላእክትን ያሠማልን እልልታ ለመድሀኒቴ ለክርሥቶሥ እሥከ ዘለአለም
አሜን!!!!!!!!!!አሜን!!!!!!!እልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልልል ከምድር እሥከ

Author Jeru love (1 year)
ZIMARIE MELAK YASEMALIN.Can't stop listning throughout the day and will be
continued in my life.

Author Ethiopia Online (1 year)
እግዚአብሔር ዘመን ከሰጠ፣
ይዘምር የተለወጠ፤
እልልታ ይሁን ለስሙ፣
ለዋጀን በወርቀ ደሙ፣

Author Belay Bb (1 year)
Zemara melakt yasmaln

Author Natu Tesfa (1 year)
Zimare mel-ektin yasemalin

Author 1samzg (4 years)
what a great mezmure... i can't stop listing to it....... geta abzto

Author danielharg (4 years)
I have no words that can describe my feelings about this mezmur. Kidus...
thanks for sharing us

Author Mimishayeee (4 years)
Amen Misgana Le Talaku Amlakachin Yihun. He is the King of kings, the Lord
of lords. Nothing is impossible to Our Lord God the Almighty!!! Amen!!!

Author Ethiopia (3 years)
"ከዳን እስከ ቤርሳቤህ ..." መጽሐፈ ሳሙኤል ካል 3:10

Author ananya mekonnen (3 years)
ተነሳ ልቤ ዘምር ለጌታ ለእግዚአብሄር ለጌታ ለእግዚአብሄር!!! እግዛብሄር ዘመን ክሰጠ, ይዘምር የተለወጠ, እልልታ
ይሁን በስሙ ,ለዋጀን በ ወርቀ ደሙ, ለዋጀን በ ወርቀ ደሙ ሰገነት ላይ የወጣቹህ ዝምታን የመረጣቹህ ከኣፋሁ ኩራት
አይውጣ ,እርሱ ነው ቀን የሚያወጣ(2)

Author Haimanot Fantaw (2 years)
Amen geta hoy lezelalem amesegnhalehu! Zemare melaeketin yasemalen!

Author llyyn28 (2 years)
Amen amen amen amen amen!!!!!!!!

Author waffiki (3 years)
love it so much. thank you for loading and sharing.

Author 27360r (4 years)
Hulu legeta kebere thank GOD

Author ስለ ወላዲተ አምላክ ማረን (4 years)
I like it! it is great.

Author ananya mekonnen (3 years)
Zerfae sang this song in St. Mary church in L.A and i just loved it. libe

Author linda getkid (2 years)
Amen yene geta hulem ameseginahalehu.

Author Getiti Worku (4 years)
Egiziabher yemesegen

Author Ethiopia (4 years)
Thanks for sharing. I liked it (a lot).

Author Addisalem Hailemeskel (1 year)
Zemafi Ashenafi Egziabeher ybarkeh!!!

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