Tera Online - Warrior Solo PvP - 1 VS 4

This a PvP video of my warrior, fighting two, then three, then a grand total of four people in Tera. I am out leveling them slightly, and am using Healing Elixir II throughout the entire fight. I'm fairly sure most of them were rather new to PvP, but it was still a really fun and challenging fight!

Level 29 Warrior vs (in order of appearance)

Level 27 Lancer and 27 Mystic
Level 26 Slayer
Level 26 Warrior

I'm Sunbiter on the Basilisk Crag server. Feel free to add, block, grief or duel me. You could also just say hi too! I hope you enjoyed the video.

The music is FFX - Battle Theme

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Author onSPEED220MHz (1 month)
что за хуйня ??

Author cendark (1 month)
now im new to the pvp aspect of Tera, just joined Mt Tyrannas and all, and
i think this was pretty cool. only level 22 but i cant even take out 2 guys
in a fight :/ also got some pointers from this video so its a like from me
:D (i know this vid is old but still everything counts)

Author Сергей Антипов (22 days)
нашёл нубов в белых шмотках при фул заточки жёлтой , и радуется ,ппц ..

Author TRemIk42 (24 days)
its rather 1 vs 2 cause that mage class hits one out of 20 of his spells 

Author Overpowered Unknown (3 months)
and u use heals too idiot 

Author MrVladmir1994 (1 month)
music wrf

Author Pypaut (3 months)

Author Overpowered Unknown (3 months)
u are a noob warrior.....

Author IceQ51 (8 months)
aman warrior not a good idea, and lol those noobs

Author Alex Adkins (2 months)
i like the idea of this game its just the combat is so slow

Author losditz1567 (7 months)
those times when war didnt have resolve<3

Author Ahasanul Haqq (8 months)
noob opponents ahaha i can kill him with my berserker

Author Zheran Li (6 months)
never use backstab never use charge. lol

Author Buggy TheClown (1 month)
hehe leave the last guy ti live :P

Author Georg Schöppen (8 months)
nice one =)

Author Pascu Ciprian (8 months)

Author Jrm Her (1 year)
Was gonna be a thumbs up but u didn't finish the job. Pretty good though

Author klein Florain (10 months)
this game's pvp is boring there is no style..

Author Enoiu Cristinel (1 year)
noob pvp... lol.. :| i could kil him only with priest.

Author Teriimon (1 year)
dat music...killed myself actualy

Author Derkous (9 months)
What an horde of noobs lmao

Author Musti Khaliss (1 year)
that was a good fight gj <3


Author Koza Kage (1 year)
quite poor vid in my eyes, War didn't impresed me to much but main thing is
that those 4 were probably biggest pvp noobs on that server.
Rly how could low lvl war kill someone in 4man party, where is healer?
Those 4 were probably trying PvP 1st time in their life and didn't even try
to work as team.
People like that shouldn't be on PvP server, cause thx to then, ever noob
thinks he is so great pvp skill.

Author omenakookos (1 year)
+1 for the music

Author Vasilis Tzef (2 years)
lol... final fantasy mate

Author fullmetal891 (1 year)
And the fact that there were 4 makes that completely irrelevant

Author егор калинин (1 year)
Сольником 3

Author ZeWolfie McWolf (2 years)
Ignorant statements..

Author MrKamiry (2 years)
No it's from ffx

Author jay4501 (1 year)
That was ownage

Author Travis D (2 years)
Level doesn't make that much of a difference, it's gear. Your damage is
only increased from your skills and gear. It doesn't just randomly grow
from leveling up. All you get from leveling up is health and mana.

Author yuji valencia (1 year)
It is good i agree with others gear is important but you did great gear is
what makes attack higher when does the last game that had been made without
a plus good quality gears i mean alot of games needed a special gear if
they don't it suck like a raw egg plus it is boring you won't survive a
boss fight with mob

Author ekatty (1 year)
Why does this game seem so similar to Scarlet Blade?

Author MusicProduction666 (1 year)
This game actually looks pretty cool, ill have to watch my bro play it one
time :p

Author RiftGameVideoSpot (2 years)
the lancer is no skilled ;) lancer with skill kill you easy <3

Author xXKush BrahXx (1 year)
Skills look loose!

Author TazZy JaM (2 years)
Disagree my firend and me killed at lv 40 a lv 52 who was hunting us ^^ i
was a warrior and my freind was a priest and he dont killed us.

Author DarkSeraph2112 (2 years)
There's no Mystic, it's a priest.. If there was a mystic, you could have
been died from curses!

Author Earlrodson Cariño (2 years)
is this FTP? where can i download?

Author nwctim (2 years)
Yea they were obviously new to pvp, Tera is like Monster hunter which is
based on pure skill. ( But of cause good gears help xD ) When i was a 39
Archer i soloed at 51 Zerker. Its all about dodging. If i were a 20 Archer
and is one of them there. This video wouldn't exist lolololol Anyway well
done. Hard to find all these 1v4 vids on youtube.

Author Jacob McClintock (2 years)
That war is epic!

Author TehKisarae (2 years)
lol very nice job mate :D too bad the warrior in the end seemed to escape?
looking forward to more :P

Author finalfantasylover2 (2 years)
I stayed for the music nostalgia.

Author SilvenSan (2 years)
so shame then for warrior they take this ridiculus "furry" or however it is
called... 2,3 roll's is max ;'/ now lancer/sorc... anything can kill with
finger in ass him since hecan't rly protect while other class just rush in
or rush out/tp/jump off from u, and only thing what can stop them is silli
low cd and mana... which almost never end

Author Ross Munro (2 years)
Hmm i think the reason it was so easy was level 28 is the big gear step up,
and that gap makes a huge difference no? With the amount of times you got
hit I'd say that would be a death from the right kitted person of equal
level, especially 3 of them!

Author Josh Mc (2 years)
If the Single level puts you in a new Gear Bracket then yes 1 Level is all
you need to destroy several people with no problem at all. They had a
Priest this tells you either the priest was Awful or they were simply way
out geared.

Author Nathan Lee (1 year)
u suck bad u using pots suck like u

Author MrCoreyowens (1 year)
i would learn how to move around better if i was u

Author TriumvirateMedia (2 years)
That Mystic is a Priest, buddy. (I know because I play both classes). I
enjoyed your movie. Thanks.

Author PandaLord13 (1 year)
Or they could've been shit, or my friend good. Y'know, they're also a
possibility too. But level makes no difference, gear makes more of a
difference. Wanna try? As a 60 use 50 gear, and try beat other 60's lol.

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