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Author TexNoodle (1 month)
No matter how many times I watch it I cry

Author ada wallace (9 days)
OK I understand that some people out there didn't and don't like Ryuga. But
that doesn't mean that you can go and be disrespectful to the feelings of
those of us who actually liked Ryuga and mourn over his disappearance.

Author Minecraftninjawolf (4 months)

Author Rudy Aguilera (4 months)
Ryuga's choice was to make the ultimate sacrifice

Author ghrygh (5 months)
Finally hahaha ryuga dead i like becausrvhe dont like who....

Author Emilee Evangeline (4 months)
I don't think Ryuga is dead AT ALL. I mean, that low-life Doji survived
when Ryuga apparently kills him towards the end of Metal Fusion, so why
can't Ryuga be alive? He's the freakin Dragon Emperor! Plus he can
transport. He does several time through out the whole series. Sorry, just a
Ryuga Fan-girl w/ some thoughts...

Author Adins Frias (2 months)
Why ryuga i think hes going to pop out of no where in the new beyblade

Author Caitlin Guest (4 months)
Ryuga Isn't Dead, He Just Teleported Somewhere Else :D

Author Shahbaz Ali (4 months)
Rayuga didnt died he just sacrificed himself for the sake of the world
AFTER ALL!!! He was better than all :) RIP RAYUGA

Author Beth robbins (3 months)
I cried so much when Ryuuga died... He's my favorite Beyblade character...
R.I.P. Ryuuga <3 <3 <3 Wait, actually, don't be dead and Come back TT^TT

Author Filip Krizmanic (3 months)
his ded noooo

Author Shah Manush (1 month)
he will come back

Author frederico yoham (4 months)
i dont think he is dead cause on zero g series there is a guy that also has
a reverse rotation dragon plus he sad that he got that bey from a legender
blader: ryuga 

Author UnbornArmy (1 year)
I didn't disappear.I just faded away without ever being heard from or seen

Author kevin huang (10 months)
He still alive in zero g

Author MagicSpade125 (1 year)
Thanks man for beliving me that Ryuga is still alive really thaks bro :)) ^^

Author xenna cabaya (1 year)
why ryuga disappear

Author DBZ swage (1 year)
rip ryuga. u really are what beyblade is all about. :'(

Author mizzymas (10 months)
many will try to kill me but im happy he is gone i mean he was so good it
took the fun out of the show

Author zayn malik (10 months)
I hope ryuga and ldrago come back

Author sydnikid HARLEM (1 year)
what eps does it say that ryuto is the brother of ryuga

Author Clubpenguinpro60 (1 year)
I hate ryuga the stupid chracter ever hahahahahahahaha pls give negetive
vote hahaha

Author Fabricio .Merlone (1 year)
Ryoga eu adimito des do começo nao gostei de vc mas tambe mas tambem nao
era pra tanto 2 minutos sem tecla por favor em meria de Ryuga!!!!

Author adrian barboaza (10 months)
My thumb is up

Author Drago Uchiha (1 year)
Shit you whoever kill Ryuga!!

Author tjman (10 months)
lightning l-drago would lose to cosmic pegsus because galaxy pegsas is
stronger than storm pegsas and lightning l-drago

Author Kim Brooks (5 months)
I still can't believe he died

Author MYKEL RICHARDSON (1 year)

Author Ultinuc (1 year)
ok i just want to know now why do you keep saying hump?

Author Cron Pineda (1 year)

Author Major Capricorne (10 months)
Ryuga isnt dead people even though it seems that way think back to when
Hyoma is in Coma Village and finds Ryuga in the volcano where he found
L-Drago so he isnt dead yet i dont think! I BELIEVE HE IS ALIVE!!!!!! He
has to come back because of L-Drago Guardian, Well if he doesnt come back
ill be mad because that is stupid mock all of us Ryuga fans with the
L-Drago that isnt gonna be wielded by The Dragon Emperor! If I'm right or
you agree give me a thumbs up!!

Author noname bamey (1 year)
he's dead, he's actually dead...*sobs* he died at 15 years of age *Faints*
I'll remember you in my heart my future husband.

Author Daniel Pizarro (1 year)
Ryuga should one day return with L Drago Guardian in Season 5 of MFB.
R.I.P. Ryuga: June 21, 2009 - February 19, 2012 This video makes me wanna
cry :'(

Author Gray Fairytail (1 year)

Author bichphan866 (9 months)
Ryuga comes back in zero g

Author Major Capricorne (10 months)

Author lane perez (1 year)
wtf is rago?

Author Afro - chan (1 year)
wait a minuite... HE'S DEAD???

Author Ashley W (1 year)
thwy shoulnt have cut ryuuga because he was the best character the show had
with out him then what is the point!

Author TheLachTV (1 year)
We never forget you ryuga... Nemesis, you kill ryuga. and i kill you!
Nemesis are a bitch! F**king asshole.

Author Masamune Kadoya (1 year)
He could have been lying in order to make Zero want to battle him more so
Sakyo could show his true power. That's my theory, anyway. :D

Author scarlett key (10 months)
just when ryuga's bey disappears , im crying my heart out , I wish that I
was bad at predicting some things T-T T-T

Author donatxiloza1 (1 year)
Good bye ryuga

Author DarkRockerzCP (10 months)
If Ryugaa dissapear than what does beyblade mean now??? D:

Author XhornetX11 (8 months)
no episode 39 ryuga is alive but dont have the same style

Author dtiangsonizer (1 year)
is he at beyhevean i still belive in hi :(

Author Gray Fairytail (1 year)
because of that stupid kenta he died

Author Leon Kennedy (1 year)
He gave all his power to kenta

Author beyblade boss (1 year)
HOW NO!!!!!!!!! Y!!

Author hamzah19901 (10 months)
Jh yo yu

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