Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp
Fiat 500 con motore Lamborghini Murcielago V12 6.2L 580hp
presentata al MotorShow di Bologna 2012
Fiat 500 3.0L V8 Ferrari
Fiat 500 3.2 Porsche Carrera

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Author collosus simpson ( ago)
I don't think engine size was all he was going for here. I think he wanted
to show a huge degree of difficulty. That his incredible creativity is
matched by his equally incredible skill as a fabricator and technician.
This is something people joke about doing in an drunken conversation,
knowing all too well that we don't have the facets nor the discipline, to
even come close to anything like this. But this guy actually did it, and
made it look (and perform) absolutely astonishingly. The word Genius is
thrown around all too often these days :D but I think this is an
outstanding exception. Pure Genius!

Author Kyara De Pascalis ( ago)
beccato Cosi un Genio anche Ovunque 70 creazioni compresa X5 2002 2006
Crossover ora in maccina cross

Author paulie pavlic (904 years ago)

Author Guiga Alemao ( ago)
qual este musica

Author Bboy Bertens ( ago)
wow nice build

Author Rainer Wiset ( ago)

Author Turbo Grafx ( ago)
This song Sail" by AWOLNATION is heard on a Few car videos i seen.

Author Kevin Deadder ( ago)
In the US we offer the Fiat and promote the good gas mileage. Over seas
they are taking the Fiat and seeing who can install the biggest motor in
one. Watch and see who wins that pissing contest..

Author Filippo Di Girolamo ( ago)

Author Darren Firby ( ago)
FIAT 500 with a 500bhp Lambo V12 strapped in the back! #Bonkers

Author Gall Anonim ( ago)
I love it !

Author Claudio Guidolin ( ago)

Author Tristan Holmes ( ago)
retards this is a 4.5l ferrari v8

Author steve mills (1327 years ago)
That custom gate on the shifter is so simple, yet pure art. I love gated
shifters. They should be mandatory on all cars with a stick.

Author Rokstar Icee ( ago)
Just thought i'd let y'all know, the Fiat 500 in the video wasn't the v12,
it was the v8 Fiat 500

Author TekLord Harkonen ( ago)
Dobrej borec

Author Ruplahlava ( ago)
Hol moly, that is UGLY! RIP Fiat 500

Author sshardchrome ( ago)
This car is for a person with suicidal tendencies. But what a nice way to
leave this earthly life. With a frontal collision the driver would be
pressed against the beautiful Lamborghini engine and the last sound he
hears is the wonderfull roaring of V12.

Author dan smith ( ago)
wow what a machine, love to know some statistics...weight? 0-60? Top speed?

Author Pirata Super ( ago)
Bravissimi non ci sono commenti e' stupefacente la mitica 500 che ha
segnato la mia infanzia con un motore tutto Italiano una belva !

Author Balta “AKIIL” Peyron ( ago)
la primera canciòn es "Sail-awolnation"

Author IlSuperTacco ( ago)
+OEMMEDI Meccanica aprite una casa automobilistica e vendete queste opere
Ferrari cominciò così, chissà che un giorno ci sarà qualche vostro modello
su strada. ;)

Author El Shuwix ( ago)
Fiat 500 Lambarth :)

Author Franco Provenzano ( ago)

Author Great Cornholio ( ago)
somewhere,.. there is a lamborghini with a fiat 500 engine,...

Author marcmarcmarcmarcmarc ( ago)
V12- i bet its dam dangerous at speed with such a short wheelbase, but the
grin factor though :)

Author TheSupatrader ( ago)
1:38 clearly the only way the Fiat chassis would not get bent with that
engine is if it is reinforced with 22-gauge steel all around... 

Author TheRonijpma ( ago)
How is it like to drive? Where is this car used for? Greetings from holland

Author GAMH YOLO ( ago)
That motor is almost as big as the 500 body hahahahaha

Author )Peron1-MC( ( ago)
thats some great handywork damn :)

Author amedeo barra ( ago)
il motore c è ,ma se bisogna smontarlo dall auto mi dite come esce?

Author Tom Sullivan ( ago)

Author TexasGTO ( ago)
Because... V12?

Author Grégoire Dangleant ( ago)
Quelques légères modifications de Fiat 500, (le pot à yaourt,l'originale
quoi) LOL

Author THOMAS DE GOBBI ( ago)
lavoro impeccabile.. fantastici

Author Robert Martinet ( ago)

Author Son Bichos Religantes ( ago)
go you fuck - they are cute - blessings.

Author Ronnie Miller ( ago)

Author Infamy ( ago)
You mean Porsche flat 6

Author franco bangho ( ago)
cuanto te salio el motor solo

Author martintij ( ago)
SONG NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author gabriel LUIZ ( ago)

Author elvis mattia ( ago)
genio e maestria italiana!

Author Franco Fernandez ( ago)
muy bueno!! me recuerda a un Renault Dophine

Author Rita Cinquetti ( ago)

Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp

Author W. L. Higdon ( ago)
   Bustin Ass :

Author XSTELLA-GAZ -125 ( ago)
é tuo

Author XSTELLA-GAZ -125 ( ago)
ansi si scusami

Author XSTELLA-GAZ -125 ( ago)
il video non ètuo

Author Mauricio Queiroz ( ago)

Author Χρήστος Δραγατάκης ( ago)

Author Kito ( ago)
very cool. good job guys :)

Author Victor Ellsworth ( ago)
Aw you can take that to Colorado and enter it in the Pike's Peak Hill

Author Roberto Saliola ( ago)

Author Son Bichos Religantes ( ago)
stupid americans

Author Flying Dutchman WoT/WoWs Gameplay TV. ( ago)
Enough money and time to make shit like this, but not ANY effort has gone
into learning how to make a decent weld... thats quite retarded.

Author The dude ( ago)
What mad man came up with this :O

Author AZ90vasil ( ago)
in love with the sound

Author la mamma youtuber org ( ago)
me la vendi ? ho il big money

Author youfossu ( ago)
l'unica cosa ke non mi piace molto è il colore l'avrei fatta di un colore
lucido magari un blu scuro o azzurro o ancora un giallo lambo, l'opaco nn
la valorizza molto per il resto è eccezionale! 

Author allanbragasilva ( ago)
esse e engenheiro mesmo !

Author dieselheart001 ( ago)
This would be one hell of a fun ride here in AmeriKenya.

Author dieselheart001 ( ago)
Behold! The mouse that ROARS!

Author vxr8clubby ( ago)
what a waste of time

Author Ray Morley ( ago)
But can you actually drive the thing or is it just an ornament. Looks as
unstable as hell

Author john liar ( ago)
This must be the result of the other 2% stupid and ugly people of italy. 

Author Sloppy Joe (1772 years ago)
what was the name of the last song?

Author Aussie bogan ( ago)
something different, a lot of hard work

Author cactusjack2001 ( ago)

Author Adolfo Rios-Pita Giurfa ( ago)
Now we need a FIAT 500 VOLTS!

Author Glenn Strand ( ago)
C0000000000L car

Author HALE BURNSIDE MD ( ago)
I just saw a video with some serious suspension engineering . really nice
job done on these cars

Author andrewdimartino ( ago)
Beautiful craftsmanship!

Author daniele capriotti ( ago)
e' possibile omologare una cosa del genere? 

Author Vanni Soro ( ago)

Author Thakiid101 ( ago)
fiat ciquecento= 500 lire

Author simo leskinen ( ago)
you are stupid

Author classic7890 ( ago)

Author CD Engle ( ago)
Why not just fix the Lambo with all that coin.

Author Konstantinopoljski ( ago)
Destroying a timeless classic + a good Ferrari engine that could be
installed in a good proportional kit car, for this abomination...

Some people simply dont know what to do with money. 

Author hopebear06 ( ago)
Should have an X rating. That's pornographic! 

Author Jimbag Jimster ( ago)
that engine appears to have a little fiat on it

Author Alejandro Arriola ( ago)

Author Aston Sun ( ago)
the wheelbase doesnt seem long enough for the amount of power it puts out

Author my stro ( ago)
tranny arm rest

Author paulatrevor1 ( ago)
This is probably the closest someone has ever got to a fighter plane on
four wheels.

Author Matthew Rearick ( ago)
So there is this, but can I put a Mitsubishi Evo X engine in a Smart
Fortwo, I want to know. Probably would make a hilarious drag car if that
happened.... If anyone has the money, make my dream come true.

Author Ari Lucero ( ago)
Name first song?

Author Cee Jay ( ago)
I did not think this was possible but..... take a look!

Author Fabe RZA ( ago)
Fiat 500 with V12 Lamborghini!!!! wow

Author Sahadi420 ( ago)
really cool. I love engine swaps that should be reserved for video games
that are done in real life!!
But why use a Lambo engine?!?!?!?!?!? So you paid, what, 30 grand for an
engine that produces 580hp???? And good luck keeping that Lambo engine
happy (another 10 grand/year).
I get that you wanted it "all Italian".....but the Italians have the worst
methods of producing cheap, reliable HP. Put an LS motor in that thing and
give that Fiat 1500hp........ easier, and cheaper......LOL

Author HellsJerome87 ( ago)
I wanna see the Stig lap the V8 one.

Author Neto Castro ( ago)
500 ferrari version... Cool

Author Hildervan Frazão ( ago)
so faltou o ronco do v12

Author Emtildeath6666 ( ago)
You know you have far to much money when you can stick a Lambo motor and
running gear into a Fiat 500.

Author Daniel Mores ( ago)
How can you have such an awesome skill at making a car like that and not
have the sense to GET A PROPER CAMERA!
What was this filmed with ... a Nokia 3210?


Author Peter Jensen ( ago)
I did not think this was possible but..... take a look!

Author Alessandro Natali ( ago)

Author Jimmy Alexander Henao Rincon ( ago)
yo lo quiero cuanto me costaria encargar uno igual al que tiene el motor

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