Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp
Fiat 500 con motore Lamborghini Murcielago V12 6.2L 580hp
presentata al MotorShow di Bologna 2012
Fiat 500 3.0L V8 Ferrari
Fiat 500 3.2 Porsche Carrera

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 10:08
Comments: 911

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Author Winning48in2013 (1 year)
Real sleepers there!

Author vasyl shavarskyy (1 year)
fiat 500 motor lamborgini super proecto !!!

Author Reseiver (1 year)
I just wonder what's left of fiat here? Great project though :)

Author drovid008 (1 year)
damn. i want that V6 one... how much is it?

Author passione motori (1 year)
dove lavete messa laltra parte di lamborghini

Author Alessio Giovannoli (1 year)
motore porsche v6? Da che macchina l'avete preso?

Author Thiago Falcão (1 year)
what is the name of the first song, is tell me please?

Author hyunki0510 (1 year)
rear view mirrors... :/

Author crockeroffish (1 year)
If anyone played Test Drive 5 you can agree this looks like the Pitbull

Author gonzalo lecuna (1 year)
en algnas ocasiones mostraba un v8 en forma transversal . y en otras
mostraba un v12 longitudinal

Author RetroFilm1000 (1 year)

Author alex lambert (1 year)
sail by awolnation if that's what you mean

Author Luiz Antonio Mazarin (1 year)
Bella merda!

Author bob fulton (1 year)
Can someone tell me the name of the song pleaz?

Author Dylan Hem (1 year)
The amount of weight they'd have to put in the front to keep if from doing

Author Chuck.Raney Raney (1 year)
you have a point. he did build the entire chassis? I think a design is very
personal and what I enjoy another might shun. to me the car looks odd the
rear is best and then nothing really matches it for form or style but I
enjoy the car as a whole ! it has great sound to build your own entire body
is very hard as you have to door window fitment and Doors and then inside
doors. As mush work as he performed already, he could have done more with
better result! at least he did accomplish the build

Author Simone Carelli (1 year)
next week i will put a Buagatti w16 engine on my micro-machine

Author Robert Joy Villaflor (1 year)

Author guifrakss (1 year)
there's three cars in the video,the first with the v12,the second with a v8
e the third with a boxter 6 cilinder,I don't know how you got confuse.

Author I FLY TOO (1 year)
bringing the 500 close to a Lambo for the merge, v=YW9F4XZ4oRo

Author JAGUAR JO (1 year)
wow,, nice car,, and nice try,, great

Author underground1kid (1 year)
one word..... EPIC !!!

Author Blikkie Bliksem (1 year)
what music is this can any one tell us????

Author cristivice (1 year)
i like first melody...someone help me with title ?

Author Pheejeigh Cruz (1 year)
shut up and take my money.....

Author VideoDude6475 (1 year)
dat ferrari v8 sound, far cry from the ferrari v8s we hear

Author gonzalo lecuna (1 year)
:D un detalle que no tuve en cuenta :D muchas gracias por avistar

Author EmpoGTR (1 year)
As for me, so it's just a stupid choice of chassis - these magnificent
engine would look much better in a normal full-sized chassis. On the track,
he will not be able to drive normally due to poor weight distribution. And
for what he has created then - show? Waste of a lot of money, work and time.

Author gearheadflicks (1 year)
for the first time ever, i've enjoyed a video about a Fiat 500. fantastic
display of engineering genius, very well done. call us - let's make a nice
video for this thing!

Author jesus martinez (1 year)
That is the fastest clown car ever,

Author TheRandomDUDE99 (1 year)
FIAT 500 :D FIAT 500 V12 :O

Author Im Shan (1 year)
What name sound music?

Author cliby25 (1 year)
its boxer 6 not v6

Author Axel sypkens smit (1 year)
sail by awolnation

Author MrSHAMUCK (1 year)
That car is pure art. The fabrication and thought that went into this car
is unreal. Super great job for your Steriod Fiat

Author MsBaks88 (1 year)
What song?

Author Dean Murphy (1 year)
The same idiot that made a 1 buck car into a 200.000 euro monster. Well
done boss. You fucked up.

Author anto tolić (1 year)
who told y that freddy? 200.000 euro engine, really??? wtf

Author jean-michel HERBERT (1 year)
they even made the review mirrors....!!!

Author flabens (1 year)
First song?

Author StuPadazzo (1 year)
1400 lbs of welding bead... 300 pounds of remaining Fiat 500.

Author K31TH3R (1 year)
Judging by the length of the motor/transmission the weight distribution is
probably closer to a 50/50 bias than a Porsche, and if you think Porsche's
have poor weight distribution you must not not follow Le Mans. But seeing
as how after this video you went and commented on a 68 Challenger which has
a 60/40 front bias I'd say you're just hating on someones completely new
and unique project to be a snob.

Author IseeRightThrough2you (1 year)
Awesome job! But since Fiat owns Ferrari, why not use a Ferrari V-12

Author arwel clements (1 year)
Can I have it

Author valentin machto (1 year)
It's a beautiful project ! Nice job guys !

Author psychofmse (1 year)
That v12 Fiat is quite possibly the coolest car I have ever seen. Major

Author GABRIEL CM (1 year)

Author Marwan Wiswasee (1 year)
6:25 Deadmou5 ghosts N stuff

Author totti mejdi (1 year)
this is better than porn

Author dcawkwell (1 year)
I fail to see the point of doing this. You basically have a car with a
lambo engine in. That only uses elments of a 500 body shell. The guy would
have been better to simply design and build his own car from the ground up.
Too much time on his hands unless someone was paying him to do this.

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