Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp
Fiat 500 con motore Lamborghini Murcielago V12 6.2L 580hp
presentata al MotorShow di Bologna 2012
Fiat 500 3.0L V8 Ferrari
Fiat 500 3.2 Porsche Carrera

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Runtime: 10:08
Comments: 876

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Author Konstantinopoljski (3 months)
Destroying a timeless classic + a good Ferrari engine that could be
installed in a good proportional kit car, for this abomination...

Some people simply dont know what to do with money. 

Author Ari Lucero (3 months)
Name first song?

Author luffararne (5 months)
It´s not a Porsche V6 but a flat 6 and imho the best solution of all the 3
cause it´s much lighter and that weight is so much closer to the ground to
begin with. Smack on a turbo for each cylinder bank and can easily reach
the same power as the Murcielago, also if you have massive collapse of the
gearbox when driving you won´t die like in the Lambo version. Do not like
to sit next to that gearbox with only thin cheat metal between me and the
gearbox but that´s just me.. Either way some cool builds for sure

Author Dan Bowkley (8 months)
Blocked in my country.

Author Peter Jensen (4 months)
I did not think this was possible but..... take a look!

Author bendundidit (5 months)
Mmm...dat ass!

Author Ray Morley (1 month)
But can you actually drive the thing or is it just an ornament. Looks as
unstable as hell

Author Brad McClaren (1 year)

Author Kurt Poulos (9 months)
580 hp packed in to a Fiat 500 via a Lamborghini Murcielago V12!

Author Daniel Mores (4 months)
How can you have such an awesome skill at making a car like that and not
have the sense to GET A PROPER CAMERA!
What was this filmed with ... a Nokia 3210?


Author SuPerbMusiCFan (6 months)
Oh my god,this is so ugly

Author marvelv212 (4 months)
American idiots 

Author Stephen Lord (1 year)
Fitting a 580 HP Lambo engine into a Fiat 500..
The video shows still images of this build,, plus 2 more versions...a V8
out of some red car with a horse on it, shoe horned into a Fiat 500.....
and a Porsche 6 into yet another Fiat 500

Engineering wise, apart from the sheet metal work, is stunning..
They should have got a good body builder with an english wheel to do the
metal work, this thing has about a million welds in it..
*bad form Peter*

There's a second video of this one running..
Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 Sound

Author Elaine Barlow (1 year)
*The Lamborghini-powered Fiat 500*

*Oemmedi Meccanica’s custom Fiat 500 may look like a life-size toy car, but
this little bug has the heart of a bull – a 6.2-liter V12 from a
Lamborghini Murcielago, to be exact. That’s 580hp in a 1,100lb. car*.

*Would you like to know more?* STFU of course you do :


Author Janet Fouts (1 year)
Supercool to watch how they custom built this car. IMHO it looks a little
silly on the track, but hey, it's a work of art in steel.

Author MAJKI MIKE (1 year)
Fiat 500 ~ Lamborghini Murcielago V12 6.2L :-P

Author Ambrogio Pintus (1 year)
Ommammamia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Anton Bashutkin (1 year)
Because every Bambino needs V12/V8/Boxer

Author jarripotero (7 months)
I prefer a Fiat 500 with a 1.050cc Abarth engine, with 100HP. Only see
dangerous "things" to drive, not cars.

Author matias veloso (4 months)
is fiat 600, not 500

Author Matthew Rearick (3 months)
So there is this, but can I put a Mitsubishi Evo X engine in a Smart
Fortwo, I want to know. Probably would make a hilarious drag car if that
happened.... If anyone has the money, make my dream come true.

Author Horrace Foster (1 year)

Author Ambrogio Pintus (1 year)

Author Ambrogio Pintus (1 year)
Made in Italy... :))

Author Nathan Nostaw (6 months)

Author my stro (3 months)
tranny arm rest

Author Kito (19 days)
very cool. good job guys :)

Author cesar santin (4 months)
minchia bella machina

Author xNickd (6 months)
At 1:48 is that black part the tranny cooler?? Ungodly creation anyways,
must be ballistic to drive.

Author Alessandro Natali (4 months)

Author jon mns (6 months)
Porsche is not v6 it is flat-6

Author HALE BURNSIDE MD (1 month)
I just saw a video with some serious suspension engineering . really nice
job done on these cars

Author Neto Castro (4 months)
500 ferrari version... Cool

Author dave696969100 (4 months)
looks like a hybrid vw

Author Prince John (8 months)
Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp

Author HellsJerome87 (3 months)
I wanna see the Stig lap the V8 one.

Author SmokinJoe347 (6 months)
I have nothing but admiration from dudes that take two items that were
never meant to share the same space & turn them into fast & loud rolling
art.....nuff said methinks.

Author MA C (1 year)
you said you wanted a fiat.. this is the only one you could get with my
approval lol +Nelly Mendoza 

Author Victor Ellsworth (19 days)
Aw you can take that to Colorado and enter it in the Pike's Peak Hill

Author Aston Sun (3 months)
the wheelbase doesnt seem long enough for the amount of power it puts out

Author hbom1000 (23 days)
Enough money and time to make shit like this, but not ANY effort has gone
into learning how to make a decent weld... thats quite retarded.

Author Alejandro Arriola (3 months)

Author Luca Capolupo (1 year)

Author David Depetrillo (7 months)
not a fiat 500 anymore..

Author Kaysan Morgan (1 year)

WTFiat!? Dang!

Author Hildervan Frazão (4 months)
so faltou o ronco do v12

Author Martin Yates (4 months)
Amazing feats of spectacular engineering!!!!!

Author syas13 (6 months)
Lamborghini+Fiat=Lambiat OR Fiat+Lamborgini=FAGINI?

Author AHMET BULENT SOYGUT (6 months)
Blocked in my country...

Author francisco javier jimenez (4 months)

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