Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp
Fiat 500 con motore Lamborghini Murcielago V12 6.2L 580hp
presentata al MotorShow di Bologna 2012
Fiat 500 3.0L V8 Ferrari
Fiat 500 3.2 Porsche Carrera

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 10:08
Comments: 918

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Author OEMMEDI Meccanica (11 months)
500 Lambo VS Porsche GT3
500 Lambo VS Porsche GT3 - Oemmedì Meccanica- Ep1

Author dan smith (29 days)
wow what a machine, love to know some statistics...weight? 0-60? Top speed?

Author Konstantinopoljski (9 months)
Destroying a timeless classic + a good Ferrari engine that could be
installed in a good proportional kit car, for this abomination...

Some people simply dont know what to do with money. 

Author W. L. Higdon (5 months)
I did not think this was possible but..... take a look!

Author sshardchrome (22 days)
This car is for a person with suicidal tendencies. But what a nice way to
leave this earthly life. With a frontal collision the driver would be
pressed against the beautiful Lamborghini engine and the last sound he
hears is the wonderfull roaring of V12.

Author IlSuperTacco (1 month)
+OEMMEDI Meccanica aprite una casa automobilistica e vendete queste opere
Ferrari cominciò così, chissà che un giorno ci sarà qualche vostro modello
su strada. ;)

Author Ruplahlava (15 days)
Hol moly, that is UGLY! RIP Fiat 500

Author marcmarcmarcmarcmarc (2 months)
V12- i bet its dam dangerous at speed with such a short wheelbase, but the
grin factor though :)

Author Pirata Super (1 month)
Bravissimi non ci sono commenti e' stupefacente la mitica 500 che ha
segnato la mia infanzia con un motore tutto Italiano una belva !

Author El Shuwix (1 month)
Fiat 500 Lambarth :)

Author THOMAS DE GOBBI (3 months)
lavoro impeccabile.. fantastici

Author Octavio Trejo (1 month)
la primera canciòn es "Sail-awolnation"

Author TheSupatrader (2 months)
1:38 clearly the only way the Fiat chassis would not get bent with that
engine is if it is reinforced with 22-gauge steel all around... 

Author TekLord Harkonen (13 days)
Dobrej borec

Author GAMH YOLO (2 months)
That motor is almost as big as the 500 body hahahahaha

Author elvis mattia (5 months)
genio e maestria italiana!

Author amedeo barra (3 months)
il motore c è ,ma se bisogna smontarlo dall auto mi dite come esce?

Author )Peron1-MC( (3 months)
thats some great handywork damn :)

Author Grégoire Dangleant (3 months)
Quelques légères modifications de Fiat 500, (le pot à yaourt,l'originale
quoi) LOL

Author luffararne (11 months)
It´s not a Porsche V6 but a flat 6 and imho the best solution of all the 3
cause it´s much lighter and that weight is so much closer to the ground to
begin with. Smack on a turbo for each cylinder bank and can easily reach
the same power as the Murcielago, also if you have massive collapse of the
gearbox when driving you won´t die like in the Lambo version. Do not like
to sit next to that gearbox with only thin cheat metal between me and the
gearbox but that´s just me.. Either way some cool builds for sure

Author Rita Cinquetti (5 months)

Fiat 500 Lamborghini V12 580 hp

Author Ray Morley (8 months)
But can you actually drive the thing or is it just an ornament. Looks as
unstable as hell

Author Sloppy Joe (8 months)
what was the name of the last song?

Author Infamy (4 months)
You mean Porsche flat 6

Author Freeker (3 months)
Because... V12?

Author Tom Sullivan (3 months)

Author Unreleased Tracks (18 days)
looks like a Renault

Author gabriel LUIZ (4 months)

Author Robert Martinet (3 months)

Author Franco Fernandez (5 months)
muy bueno!! me recuerda a un Renault Dophine

Author martintij (4 months)
SONG NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Great Cornholio (1 month)
somewhere,.. there is a lamborghini with a fiat 500 engine,...

Author hbom1000 (7 months)
Enough money and time to make shit like this, but not ANY effort has gone
into learning how to make a decent weld... thats quite retarded.

Author XSTELLA-GAZ -125 (6 months)
il video non ètuo

Author Victor Ellsworth (7 months)
Aw you can take that to Colorado and enter it in the Pike's Peak Hill

Author youfossu (7 months)
l'unica cosa ke non mi piace molto è il colore l'avrei fatta di un colore
lucido magari un blu scuro o azzurro o ancora un giallo lambo, l'opaco nn
la valorizza molto per il resto è eccezionale! 

Author franco bangho (4 months)
cuanto te salio el motor solo

Author TheRonijpma (2 months)
How is it like to drive? Where is this car used for? Greetings from holland

Author Alessandro Natali (10 months)

Author AZ90vasil (7 months)
in love with the sound

Author Kito (7 months)
very cool. good job guys :)

Author XSTELLA-GAZ -125 (6 months)
ansi si scusami

Author steve hicks (8 months)
something different, a lot of hard work

Author Ari Lucero (9 months)
Name first song?

Author Adolfo Rios-Pita Giurfa (8 months)
Now we need a FIAT 500 VOLTS!

Author HALE BURNSIDE MD (8 months)
I just saw a video with some serious suspension engineering . really nice
job done on these cars

Author GAMER SUPER (7 months)
me la vendi ? ho il big money

Author Son Bichos Religantes (3 months)
go you fuck - they are cute - blessings.

Author Ronnie Miller (4 months)

Author Aston Sun (9 months)
the wheelbase doesnt seem long enough for the amount of power it puts out

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