I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls - Jacqueline Wells - Bohemian Girl, 1936

Jacqueline Wells is so endearing here, but her lovely voice is dubbed by Rosina Lawrence. Michael William Balfe, composer, would probably not have enjoyed what happened to his opera, but one never knows! Either way, it's one of the more entertaining scenes; Ms. Wells is trilling about her exotic dream, "father" Oliver is blubbering, and "Uncle" Stan is just stuffing his face with all the breakfast on the table!

DISCLAIMER: All rights reserved to the production companies and music labels that distributed and produced the music and performance respectively. I've only added the footage as a tribute for historical, entertainment, and creative purposes with no financial gain. Copyright infringement not intended.

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Through an exhaustive search, I've sadly determined that the audio portion appears not to be available. I would be very grateful to the individual who could encounter this exquisite vocal recording. Please accept my abject apologies.

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Author Steve Price ( ago)
What a beautiful dream

Author Giannunzio Visconti (1625 years ago)
Stupenda interpretazione.

Author Terence Hutchinson ( ago)
oh mr youve got a lovely bottom xxx

Author odorifero ( ago)
Thank you, Enya.

Author Thomascow Mc Mullan ( ago)
That was fantastic cheers, BTU

Author oswald wellman ( ago)
This song, I feel, requires a .natural, unpretentious singer to convey the
right characterization and Rosina Lawrence gets it right. I confess my
disappointment with Dame Joan Sutherland who, to my ear, sounds too studied
& heavy to impart the right personality.. I also disagree with the
excessive decoration used on the reprise, once again quite out of

Author Ricko s ( ago)
For those who have a low opinion of humanity, watch this scene, in addition
to the rest of Laurel and Hardy (their dance in "Way Out West" for
example). Your opinion will be raised, fractionally, to be sure, but,
nevertheless, raised.

Author Dale Atkinson ( ago)
Love Stan and Ollie, their films, and the beautiful music in them. They
just don't make stuff like this anymore. So thankful we have it all on

Author larry pryor ( ago)
Can't be beat! In my opinion.

Author Rick Archambault ( ago)
Enya also covered this song.

Author hell0hkitty ( ago)
this is THEE interpretation of this haunting piece. ollie's love and tears
at his daughter just makes it lovely. i will remember this til i die.

Author Olive Prouty (454 years ago)
It cut off just before Oliver Hardy says , "Stanley! You ate all the
breakfast!" Hee, hee Delightful clip! Thank you!

Author Charles Henry ( ago)
Such a lovely scene. The wonderful voice of Rosina Lawrence and the lovely
innocent endearing acting of Jacqueline Wells. It's a shame Ms. Wells
could not have given Joan Sutherland some lessons in acting and stage
deportment. Might have really helped.

Author ricky smithe ( ago)
Laurel and Hardy add to the gorgeous innocence of this version.

Author Alan Jones ( ago)
ricky i totally agree an amazing voice.

Author ricky smithe ( ago)
The definitive version -- nice voice, immaculate phrasing

Author lewis1936 ( ago)
This to my way of thinking is the best version of the song. Such a pleasure
to listen Laurel and Hardy, God bless them.

Author Franz Savino ( ago)
I was haunted by this song for many years Count John McCormack did a
version all old, crackley & squeaky, but he brought it from Ireland to
America in the 20s. A very famous song here in Dublin in my grandmothers
But Ms Lawrence sung it perfectly (not forced), has to be sad and wistful.
Nice one.

Author Franz Savino ( ago)
I was haunted by this song for many years Count John McCormack did a
version all old, crackley & squeaky, but he brought it from Ireland to
America in the 20s. A very famous song here in Dublin in my grandmothers
But Ms Lawrence sung it perfectly (not forced), has to be sad and wistful.
Nice one.

Author lake fire ( ago)
This is one of their best i seen it first many years ago and i love this
song so much

Author tullvis ( ago)
Yeah she's not really singing the song but I didn't care. I was a little
kid and I was in love. And Laurel and Hardy were the best comedy team

Author Adrián Correa ( ago)
Did you see the smile of Hardy is similar to Simon Cowell's. 1:27

Author Kellie McDonald ( ago)
I adore this.Terrible cute.

Author Zack216216 ( ago)
Nate, you are so right! Sutherland sings it with a resounding "OOOOOO"
sound..... I can't understand one word of Sutherland's but it is still

Author meltzerboy ( ago)
I will say that one can understand all the words, which is not necessarily
the case with Sutherland's performances of the aria, or even Norman's.
Roberta Peters also made a wonderful recording of this. However, I do
admire the other three ladies' singing as well.

Author bellini verdi ( ago)
UNO A LO SUYO.......

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
Thanks so much for your comment! Just viewed the Sutherland rendition and,
though lovely, found it a little too rehearsed. Know I'll get my head
handed to me, but have to say the same for lovely Jesse Norman. Rosina
Lawrence seemed to keep this in the realm of reality; her voice flowed so
naturally! Just getting ready for the brickbats to come! Best to you

Author darsaen ( ago)
Yes definitely best version of this lovely song. Sutherland has nice
coloraturas but not this purity of voice. Norman has a clear, strong voice,
but when she sings this song it sounds like The Bohemian Aida.

Author wattever333 ( ago)
"I've never heard of such a beautiful dream. Now SHUT UP AND EAT."

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
I think there exists a kind of Heaven for this type of song. In their
heyday, these songs were considered as future classics! Time had other
plans for them, and they sort of melted away. Whoever produced this L and H
movie recognized a beauty when he heard it! He did everything right; great
cast, beautiful orchestration, fine actress and dubbing singer. What's not
to like? Thanks a lot for your comment!

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Aside from the brief moments of comedy
provided by L and H, this piece, as performed here, is unforgettable! I
first heard it "sung/spoken" by Gene Tierney in a very atmospheric, and
memorable mystery film. Loved the melody then played on the piano, and
later found it here! I'm happy that I did, and even happier that you wrote
about it! Best regards!

Author Corrie121 ( ago)
Thank you for sharing this excellent post. It is greatly appreciated.

Author TC1931 ( ago)
the most beautiful and romantic singing of a lovely song

Author pyroshep ( ago)
many thanks, I've been trying to find it

Author William Walsh ( ago)
I agree with you about Dame S's slightly overwrought work with this song.
And I loved this recording from the film, completely new to me. This song
always makes me weep, but especially after the death of my brother who
loved it so much.

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
I'd attempted to reply in a friendly/nasty/clever way to this observation.
I thought I'd give the piece in question a chance! I visited, heard it, and
I'm dumbfounded! It's a lovely rendition of this song, but you're comparing
apples and oranges! Your having mentioned the "wonderful version," of the
song denigrates the one that's already posted! Please reconsider your
comments! They're really inappropriate and offensive!

Author The Groovy Side Of the Tube ( ago)
For anyone who is interested in getting a wonderful version of this song
you'll find it on "The Beau Hunks play the original Laurel & Hardy music"
track 25 on CD 2. Both CDs are musically brilliant and I cannot recommend
them enough!

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
Grateful to hear from you, and I'm delighted it brought back such great
memories! L and H films were really unique in that they often incorporated
magnificent music, singing and then their wacky behavior. To me, they
always worked out fine! So glad that you wrote!

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
We're members of the same club as regards this little video! Regards to
both you and your grandmother! Laurel and Hardy were unique, and will never
be equaled as a performing team. We're lucky to have seen them! Thanks so
much for your comment!

Author meathwoman100 ( ago)
Thank you for this clip-one of my grandmother's favorites, and I love L&H!

Author wattever333 ( ago)
i don't mind about trills, if they are not the focus of the song. who's to
say if Balfe did not want them. I just think JS's version(s) is(are) full
of mannerisms/attitude, like "oh this song is so precious I'm not sure I
can ever do it justice". She seems so uncomfortable singing it (there is a
clip in youtube of her in front of a piano, in a big pink dress). and we
can't understand a word. RIDICULOUS!! There is a recording by Mabel
Garrison, available in the Library of Congress website

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
I've only seen 1 version with the "Dame." Maybe there are others out there
that I've yet to view. In the clip that I saw I felt that Dame S really was
"adding" too many trills, vocal acrobatics, etc. Defending lovely Rosina
Lawrence, her rendition cut right to the chase. She sang the song as it was
meant to be sung. Earlier comment only meant Balfe would have been
discouraged that this lovely song ended up in a comedy! I'm glad it did!
Now there are more viewers/listeners that know of it! Thanks

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
Delighted to hear from you, but please don't cry! I'm serious! Hopefully
you'll watch again, and keep the sensational vocal in the background. Just
let Stan's tomfoolery with the breakfast keep your attention. I'm really
happy that you wrote! BTW, I spent around 40 minutes trying to find an
answer to your question about Oliver's funeral song. Nothing showed up
regarding this song. I may be wrong, and if so, let's hope another viewer
might have the answer! Thanks again for writing!

Author Lawrence Skarin ( ago)
This is a wonderful clip. Too bad the movie ending is so disappointing. Not
only is it anatomically impossible -- it's stupid. Writers can do better.

Author wattever333 ( ago)
excellent! so much better than sutherland.

Author sgomenzio ( ago)
un grande saluto,anche in memoria di Stan and Oliver,tra i più grandi
attori mai esistiti.ciao da Roma.

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
Non posso accettare il complimento! Siete voi che sono stupendi per i
vostri gentili commenti. Sono molto grato a sentire da voi, da così
lontano. Auguri a voi!

Author sgomenzio ( ago)
stupenda !

Author akarpowicz ( ago)
Of all the versions of this song I've heard on youtube, I like this the
best. They capture it's sweetness the best. thanks for posting.

Author sarahtopp84 ( ago)
Beautiful! Brought a smile right to my face.

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@solsticecelt1 Me too! This one makes me want to dig further than ever
before in those "Irish" roots! Thanks so much for your comment, and I'm
wishing you well!

Author TheRAFfc ( ago)
I never forget this always reminds me of my youth with Laurel and Hardy
being chased across the Bridge by the Gorilla. The Music is haunting and
Beautifull I believe the male singer's name was King.

Author solsticecelt1 ( ago)
This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Proud to be Irish!

Author gido hwang ( ago)

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@TheE8gisell Glad you enjoyed this! There is something about this melody,
and the way it's performed, that really is uplifting! Thanks so much for
your comment.

Author TheE8gisell ( ago)
This is a great version of this old Irish air.. taken from the opera 'The
Bohemian Girl. The plaintive orchestral accompaniment is hard to beat.'

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@megapaulsimon fear we're in the same boat! I melt when I hear the song and
the "singer," but seconds later could swallow my tongue laughing at Stanny!
So happy to hear from you, and grateful that you enjoyed!

Author megapaulsimon ( ago)
dont know wether to laugh or cry, haunting song but stan laurel is so
funny, absolute classic, god wish i was around those days

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@roadsweeper69 What a tribute! I'm really glad to hear from you! Some folks
couch their comments in "double-speak." Sometimes, I'm guilty of the same
thing. It's refreshing to hear someone just say their piece, no holds
barred. I'm honored to hear from you, and thanks so much!

Author roadsweeper69 ( ago)
Fucking brilliant

Author pierre paul ( ago)
extraordinaire ,et les coupes de laurel et hardy encore plus,

Author omnistuff ( ago)
This film is part of my childhood. It will cause me to cry every time i
hear or see it. Balfe is a great composer and this music should be
performed more than it has been. "When Other Lips" is another classic that
should not be forgotten. Hard-assed Marine Master Sergeant (Retired).

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@PuddleMoon I've always loved these guys, but I think your observation is
just right! Great silly scenes, but heartfelt and charming at the same
time. Thanks so much for your comment!

Author PuddleMoon ( ago)
some people criticize this film for not being as funny as other Laurel and
Hardy films but I think it's their best. Not only is it funny, it is also
soulful and genuinely touching. This scene sums up why classic cinema is
just the best <3

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@hungerdunger1 So glad that you enjoyed this! It's a rare director, and
performers, who can manage to combine near-slapstick comedy and amazing
singing! I'm very grateful to hear from you again!

Author hungerdunger1 ( ago)
I wanted to revisit this video!!! Well wow!! I got this shiver down my
back!!! Wonderful!!!!

Author colinsmyth99 ( ago)
Fantastic scene from a brilliant film. I think there would have been
something wrong with Balfe if he didn't enjoy this. There's nothing wrong
with this tune he wrote. Gorgeous.

Author Chel Mondeley ( ago)
Charming: thanks for sharing

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@hungerdunger1 Thank you hungerdunger1. My feelings mirror yours. I love
this film, and only wish some deleted clips could be found, and shown. I
speak of the mysterious death, to this day, of beautiful Thelma Todd who
would have had a substantial part in this film. Another Hollywood mystery;
worth reading about!

Author hungerdunger1 ( ago)
They make a wonderful combination. The voice of Lawrence and the blossom of
loveliness in Jacqueline Wells..

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@kiwihans Hi, and thanks for your comment. Ms. Lawrence really did possess
a fine voice; wish we'd heard more from her. Once more, grateful to hear
from you!

Author kiwihans ( ago)
What a lovely voice Rosina Lawrence had, she lived a long time and was a
lovely sweet person. Notice the way the orchestra follows her vocul and
slows down on some key notes, today its all 'one two three four'. thanks

Author varadero1839 ( ago)
@shanghaibenny2 This is really a lovely melody, enough so that even though
she only spoke the words, beautiful Gene Tierney performed a portion of
this in "Dragonwyck," with Vincent Price playing at the pianoforte!

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