Compilation _ Heavy Equipment Fails

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bad day


Author DJ Scottdog (25 days)
who the fuck uploads at 144p

Author Jarrod Sherman (27 days)
shame he didnt smash that stupid fucking dog

Author MattSynyster (1 month)
2:38 digging his own grave

Author Kendall Sain (6 months)
1:43 I don't get what's going on in this clip, how is it a fail?

Author Manuel Romero (11 days)

Author Bob Loblaw (8 months)
The one where they're shoveling dirt into the bucket. There could be an
obstruction or pipe buried underneath the dirt.

Author hawkboy1792 (7 months)
who else was hoping that crap would fall on that yappy little Pomeranian?

Author 666Darkism (18 days)
Buenas escenas, lastima que la calidad de video sea una PORQUERIA

Author coolldudeifiction20 (5 months)
2:23 he dug his grave

Author Kay Raro (6 months)
Looks like his leg broke at 2:34.

Author SuperBigblue19 (8 months)
That guy doing a header was funny as hell. The last one was just heavy
equipment drifting.

Author juanitocarlitos77 (8 months)
en bucket and shovel fail del minuto 1:37 aaaaaaaaaay no mammmmmmmeyes como
con la pala si para eso sirve el pinche trascavo

Author Ryan Noviello (9 months)

Author wapartist (4 months)
2:17 is awesome assuming nobody was in it

Author Warbird Phoenix (9 months)
The last one is more like a win!

Author lead foot lawn mower (10 months)
1:51 thats eather lazyness at its best or there boss is pissed

Author Maximus Reese (6 months)
Zeeeeee Zeeeeeeeeeee Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Haul ass!

Author Maximus Reese (6 months)
Still wanna be an operator kid?

Author CordobaBerlin (8 months)
this whole vid is a fail

Author dozerman8114 (1 year)
I seen them. Some of the best!

Author AcuraCSXTypeSK20 (1 year)
Last video was ultimate drifting

Author Svenja Kühnke (1 year)
Great content, but it's a pity the video resolution is so extremly low that
you can hardly watch it.

Author Bro Gaming (1 year)
2:12 dog got killed

Author RetcoNz (1 year)
2:15 was kinda hoping for it to hit that ugly rat of a dog

Author bababooey7576 (1 year)

Author Justin Vodden (1 year)
Alaska Drift

Author kleetus92 (1 year)
That kid almost got sucked back through the lathe...

Author Whoostah (1 year)
1:40 Operating heavy machinery. Ur doing it wrong.

Author Todd A (1 year)
Fuck you and your Jesus lies and bull crap.

Author 2boredfortv (1 year)
2:44 is where you become a slinky

Author Marc Slayer (1 year)
People could have payed the price

Author Ham549 (1 year)
i r no spel 2 good

Author Saints Row Fan (1 year)
Nice video. Hope no one was hurt.

Author Gentle StormToo (1 year)
@0:20 you know your a redneck when you first flip your truck over and

Author josh33025 (1 year)
Last one was dozer gymkhana!!

Author Loraguy (1 year)
It's amazing how you happened to be at all of these different locations
with your camera running just as something incredible was about to happen.
How in the world do you do it?

Author milesmouse72 (1 year)
2:54 is what happens when you use 100 tons of water to wash a car all at

Author shortthrow50 (1 year)
never heard of a compilation of videos where someone invests time to find
good clips to put into one video before? You live under a rock? oh wait,
your a man/woman. You brain isn't wired right. sorry

Author CASEIHman567 (1 year)
2:24 oh shit BAIL! BAIL FAIL

Author Snow golem (1 year)
Lol nice clips

Author mandoman83 (1 year)
Too bad it didn't fall on you.

Author 42lookc (1 year)
Nothing funny about the mini-hoe or the lathe incident. The lathe clip
looked like someone very stupidly thinking (or taking a dare) that he could
hold back an industrial metal lathe, and then suffering the consequences.

Author loudpipesavelives69 (1 year)
1:40 is not a fail, they're uncovering a buried pipe

Author САМСУНГ БЕЛАЗОН (1 year)
КРУТО !!!!!

Author sizemore jacob (1 year)
The one with the dog is fake as fuck

Author calhouncook (1 year)
@2:22 dang that hurt!

Author bababooey7576 (1 year)
in regards to the building demo fail, why wasnt the street, where the walls
collapsed, fenced off incase accidents like this happen?. construction/demo
safety set-up fail more like. never mind the operator's skills or lack
thereof (ccan't comment since im not an operator of one of those as to how
the skill level was.

Author Ham549 (1 year)
2:00 is an add for Microsoft descuside as a viral video.

Author pquinlan65 (1 year)
That was one of the best videos I watched

Author bestamerica (1 year)
' last video is good one with icey bulldozen

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