[Capture Card Test] Goku vs. Vegeta vs. Naruto vs. Shadow

Hey there youtuber, LC is here. I received a new capturing program for Christmas and I decided to test it with a new brawl hack vid. Goku over Pit vs. Vegeta over Wolf vs. Naruto over Olimar vs. Shadow over Donkey Kong, all character imports. Stay tuned for my latest video involving my game review. I have some bad news about it. Until next time, Later!

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Author Gabriel Chein (2 months)
XD shadow eat ass

Author sandrazih (9 hours)
Shadow went ape XD

Author Agnar Mar Masson (9 months)
Why is there Street Fighter Music in the Background?

Author M.T.H062 K.O (7 months)
Shadow watched Naruto´ ass 2:58

Author Roseni Lopes (6 months)
deiche o jogo pra mim

Author squad_sane_700 from the top (7 months)
What game is that

Author Jeremy Vera (7 months)
Where did I hear that before?

Author papacitoloko1117 (11 months)
i think i liked the winner fan fare more than anything in this video lol

Author Augusto Falkenbach (1 year)
naruto is olimar with Ike voice O_o

Author Son Goku (8 months)

Author gustravox (1 year)
vegeta se ve desnutrido

Author Portia Cespedes (1 year)
Must. Choose. Ichigo. Next.

Author alan avelino (11 months)
3:00 shadow smell naruto`s ass lolololol

Author Michael Freier (2 years)
dude can you add me on psn my user is gocoolbob i have a vita and ps3

Author BlueWolfTech (2 years)
no this is how you spell (() a butt

Author PrayashLand (2 years)
3:03 shadow is smelling naruto's butt. Lol

Author beazek malandro (3 years)
can you send a link for that game please?? for download

Author Austin Hill (1 year)
Did you see at the start of the battle that he was looking at there dicks

Author DB Clash (2 years)
Shadow's thousand years of pain with his nose

Author Kwyhiem Way (2 years)
Daaaame vegeta on some bad crack lol

Author Mohammad Rahman (1 year)
why couldnt u do sasuke vs naruto and sonic vs shadow instead u freak

Author XDarkMaster100 (2 years)
Naruto old shadow to smell his ass

Author secondhandsmoke10 (3 years)
You would take a picture of that (= - = ).....

Author ScourJful (3 years)
Vegeta is one double jointed motherfucker.

Author AQWORLDSBlackaccount (2 years)
u picured shadow kissing naruto butt

Author Reko Maher (1 year)
The Name Of The Game Super Smash Bros Brawl Hope I Helped Anyone

Author Shilvanic01114 (3 years)
sonic generations model sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author theredpokemonmaster (2 years)
my left ear feels lonely

Author António Henrique (2 years)
3:07 lol

Author Tanisha Hutchins (2 years)
can I

Author 827jordan (2 years)
how do u do this and plz tell me

Author justin hoy (1 year)
shadow have the best graphic

Author Aemzso (1 year)
02:57 Shadow: *sniiiiiiiiiif* Mmm... Dat ass... Naruto: o__o

Author Christopher Torres (2 years)
eres un tramposo vean abajo de la canca en el margen de abao y estan otros
luchadores pero si te quedo

Author james curry (2 years)
donky kong? for shadow?

Author BaconStar101 (1 year)
Shadow Touches Naruto's Butt

Author Raphael Seabra (1 year)
But is it a cheat

Author masada2502 (2 years)
It a hack

Author Geir Olav Reime (2 years)
awesome hack

Author Blues Skies (2 years)
i'm jealous damn u

Author Supertailssrb2fan (2 years)
He could have seen it really late, like there, i seen your comment 7 months
later, it doesnt mean i am an idiot!...

Author SonicAndGoten (2 years)

Author Lil Tony (2 years)
shadow was snifing naruto's butt

Author eduardo vazquez (2 years)

Author shadow34135 (2 years)
I want to hack that game! How do you do something like that?

Author dragonball4ever2009 (1 year)
Vegeta's Big Bang Attack...just OH MY GOD I WAS CRACKING UP MY SIDES XD

Author luquinhas souza (2 years)
vegita ta batendo pauma no final qui dó

Author António Henrique (2 years)
4:26 super sayian awesome

Author Cri o3o (2 years)
that looks like the sonic generations shadow model. is it the generations
shadow model?

Author SonicTriforceLego (2 years)
Will that CSS be released?

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