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The GoPro App you lets you control your GoPro camera remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Features include full control of all camera settings, live video preview to your smartphone or tablet for easy shot framing and more.

The GoPro App also gives you access to our Photo and Video of the Day posts keeping you in touch with the latest radness from GoPro.

GoPro App Features -

-Full control of your HD HERO2 camera's settings + features
-Live preview makes framing your shot easy
-Access to GoPro's Photo and Video of the Day

Future GoPro App Features -

-Playback + Share content from your camera's SD card using your smartphone or tablet
-Multi-camera control

The GoPro App is compatible with most smartphones and tablets:

For Apple iOS:

-iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S (iOS 4.3 & 5)
-iPod Touch 4 (iOS 4.3 & 5)
-iPad 1, 2 & 3 (iOS 4.3 & 5)

For Android:

The GoPro App is available in the Apple App Store™ and Google Play.
The GoPro App is not compatible with the Original HD HERO camera.

NOTE: HD HERO2 cams & Wi-Fi BacPacs
require a software update before using the GoPro App.
Download the free update -

Also released from GoPro - GoPro CineForm Studio

GoPro's CineForm Studio line of editing tools makes it easy to create professional quality clips from your GoPro content or prep for more advanced editing with Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, etc. From simple adjustments like slow motion control and clip trimming to more advanced color correction and 3D editing,
CineForm Studio is a powerful tool for all GoPro content creators.

Download GoPro's Cineform Studio -

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Author J Maddox (1 year)
Question... If I have 2 GoPro cameras... are maybe 3 or 4, is there a way
to monitor all of those shots on a single smart phone (iphone) ? I know
you can do it for one... Say you had 3 GoPro cameras on dash mounts inside
a car, for example, it would be nice to have a monitor so you can set your
shots and then lock them down. Thanks for anyone who can reply.

Author XZo Cola (2 years)
can i use this for gopro 1?

Author Ben Davies (2 years)
about time...

Author Saiko Piratos (2 years)
I landed with my ass on the edge of the bridge xD it hurted over 3 months^^

Author VAXX34 (1 year)
On GoPro Hero 3 no

Author Matt Young (2 years)
The Black Edition currently is not supported on the iPhone App. Support for
the Black Edition will be available in an update coming December 14th.

Author Baloncici (2 years)
Everything updated but "Unable to connect..." WiFi iPhone 4 v5.11 Any help?

Author Cj Egles (2 years)
go and update your software. I just did it and I works for me now on my
black :)

Author Silverline Productions (2 years)
A feature, excatly... Pretty expensive "feature" though wouldn't you say?
The Hero 3 comes out next week so I think I'll just wait for that. :)

Author Alain Rémi (2 years)
Go read the comments on Amazon: 50 one star for only 34 five ! I'm talking
about the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac not the apps... nevertheless ???

Author Kevin McPherson (1 year)
Wifi backpack Wifi backpack Wifi backpack Wifi backpack

Author Pokerovacha Pokerov (2 years)
TommyH9043 thank you very very much :))) Days i have tried! Tnx again :)))

Author JacKlink Productions (2 years)
But they tout this feature in one of their videos. ugh.

Author NEJCNEO (2 years)
Yeah I just bought this today. IN LIVE MODE THERE IS 10 SECONDS DELAY!!!

Author Andrés Martín Jiménez (2 years)
how come you can't play the videos stored in the cam?

Author Saiko Piratos (2 years)
great :o weehee! pity I had no gopro last year. i did THE bridge jump of my
life (not suicide xD) :D The audience went crazy nearly xD but nice that
when i tried second time there were no ppl around us because i failed at
the second jump x)

Author Justin Nelissen (2 years)
do you also have a delay?

Author VFXApprentice (2 years)
Do you need the Wifi backpack? Can't you just press the wifi button on the

Author David Kaleikini (2 years)
the have a water proof back door for the back pack

Author TheSgtk9 (2 years)
What are the steps for 3-4 cameras. Will this app allow muti cams to be
viewed from the app??

Author MagicPup69 (2 years)
how can u us this in the water? the waterproof cover wont fit on the camera
with the wifi backpack on it???

Author sk8kipaa (2 years)
I just got a Gopro3 black edition and I cant connect it with my phone. I
went on gopro/update and it says it's updated to the newest update. My
phone still wont connect. PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks

Author K3ram (2 years)
Yes, up to 50 cams at the same time.

Author Banjo597 (2 years)
how you fail it?

Author TommyH904 (2 years)
If you haven't got this to work, I was having the same problem. What you do
is on the main screen of app, click the wrench in upper right corner, click
preview player, change this from auto to software. Once I did this mine
started working.

Author Tallguysd (2 years)
There is no Android APP!

Author Silverline Productions (2 years)
You can't control more than 1 camera. So it is pointless. However the new
Goprop3 feature does allow you to control multiple cameras without the need
of switching between different wifi networks like the Gopro2. So again..
pretty damn pointless.

Author Jeff Zahnd (2 years)
you must not have understood the function. this allows for you to use your
iphone as a view finder, start and stop recording, change
settings...everything you could do with the camera but on the phone. you
can also use it to remotely start/stop multiple cameras with one click. I
think you can do like 60 cameras!

Author switez177 2 (2 years)
This helped figure out the basics thanks

Author MrSkytops (2 years)
Can i save some Clips directly from the GoPro in to my iPhone?

Author Sdkacura1 (2 years)
Aha exactly what I was needing to know now all I'm gonna buy is the wifi
backpac but is that like free wifi everywhere/anywhere I go

Author Thedinggoo5 (1 year)
Can I use this on a original GoPro and the backpack?

Author w3bguru (2 years)
Looks like you'll be able to connect to different IP addresses, so you
should be able to switch between cameras, as you would connect to different
computers on a network.

Author WoldXmagicalz (2 years)
i have hero 3 silver edition. i have a problem! i cannot connect it to my
iphone. when i choose wireless control on my hero 3 i only see: OFF, WiFi
RC and Cancel. how do i see the "phone & tablet" ?

Author Jeff Zahnd (2 years)
well the way it is now, to keep the camera small you only have a window to
try and get your view. The "back pack" is bulky. I agree that the hero pro3
will be worth the money since you won't have a backpack, and it's smaller a lot smaller when compared to the hero 2 with a backpac on it.

Author marks1223 (2 years)
when I hit the wifi pac menu button nothing happens and it's like the
camera doesn't even know it's connected does anyone know why?

Author gatorb8ttrkn (1 year)
i type in how do you transfer the pics from the go pro hero3 to you iphone
app an i get wifi bk pac wifi bk pac wi fi bk pk lmao i guess ill figure it
out myself go pros starting to suck the battery life isnt good at all with
the wifi running

Author Brandon McMahon (2 years)
i have the same gopro, do you need the wifi backup for this type of go pro

Author Astral Jenga // Editor and Graphic Designer (2 years)
whenever i connect my gopro to my iphone, it says loading preview, it goes
on for 10 minutes and still no preview. help?

Author Stephen Feldstein (2 years)
it would be nice if it worked with the galaxy s3

Author Keith Linihan (2 years)
works great! wish you could preview after recording, but over all I'm em

Author Silverline Productions (2 years)
So basically the wifi app is only good for pressing rec on demand.. You
can't save videos, pictures or use multiple cameras? Seems like a poorly
thought out peice of software.. Almost seems like apple are behind the app
thus forcing you to buy every single peice of software updates! GAY!

Author Matt Y (2 years)
i have the hero 3 but it wont display what is on the go pro

Author John Spirou (2 years)
is there image preview while recording?

Author Boris Erkes (2 years)
does this mean there no more need in remote wifi ???

Author Jeff Zahnd (2 years)
I wonder if the hero 3 will be "instant"

Author furstyferret81 (2 years)
NOT in the Play Store!!!! :(

Author JHrescak (2 years)
can you find your go pro with this if you loose it ?

Author Brian Keehn (2 years)
Hey guys, any idea why "preview" is always loading on my phone? I can never
view the image of what the camera is seeing. It is always in the "loading
preview" process.

Author mac davis (2 years)
finally! can't wait to start shooting some video using it

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