The City Edge Layout - Street Running Scenes - by Vic Smith

This 10 minute video highlights the City Edge layout created and built by Vic Smith. This layout is located near Lambert International Airport in Bridgeton, Mo, a suburb of St. Louis. Featuring street running and Kato's Amtrak night running scenes along with Broadway's Union Pacific AC6000's transporting Athearn and Intermountain double stack units across the city's elevated rail structure by Micro Engineering. Along with a nostalgic trip of Broadway Limited Santa Fe's War Bonnet F7's pulling a set of lighted California Zephyr cars while a trio of NW2 switcher engines carefully perform some street running down Market Street. This layout runs a variety of trains and rolling stock from many different eras for a wide range of entertainment for layout visitors. New HD video of the layout will be available with an array of prototype scenes set in the 1980's.

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Author Jacob Frye (I Dzei) ( ago)
That not a City

Author PittsburghIndustrialRailroad ( ago)
Wow.. super great layout. . Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.
. . Lance 

Author firemanvic ( ago)
This is absolutely incredible. I being a novice feel like im not even
worthy of complementing you on your work of art. I can not even imagine the
detail and effort and pure love that went into this. Also this is coming
from someone who rarely even comments on any YouTube video.

Author admins rose robertson ( ago)
WOW wonderful layout

Author D Foley ( ago)
Wow! Very cool

Author ‫هند رايس‬‎ ( ago)

Author mjdart54 ( ago)
Detail is fantastic, the grime on the buildings is perfect, thanks for
sharing this I really enjoyed it!

Author steve albee ( ago)
hey vic how are you, i have seen alot of layouts on you tube and in person
but i must tell you and this is coming from someone not easily impressed,
you have taken model railroading to a different level, your scenery and
detail is off the charts, a true work of art you should be very proud and
thanks for sharing this true work of art

Author BRIAN NEIN ( ago)

Author Ubbe Fr ( ago)
10 min model railway video.
Edge is a good name, since it's not deep, but planned so it doesn't matter.
I like the two separate track levels and have been thinking of something
similiar for my next layout.

Author Ronald Murray Woods ( ago)
looks very life like thank you for sharing. I wish I could share mine but
have to rebuild a new one... It got damaged and was a dream layout 

Author Jimmy Mack ( ago)
hello, can anyone tell me what scale?

Author Larry Smith ( ago)
Is the layout located in the same city that's represented on it? I don't
know how you knew what to put where otherwise and what the street surfaces
looked like.

Author Kevin Boatman ( ago)
This is hands down one of the best layouts of all times!!!! WOW! I feel
like getting started immediately! ....

Author Jimmy Mack ( ago)
What scale is this?

Author a jude ( ago)
cfde ha

Author Rick Covert ( ago)

Author befrank88 ( ago)
Beautiful layout, excellent details and a very very good video.

Author Hornhausen ( ago)
Very nice video.

Author xanadujohn79 ( ago)
This has to be a labor of love. Fantastic job. Now if I had the time and
the place to do mine.

Author Ryan Gaynor ( ago)
This is one of the best layouts I've ever seen, incredible!

Author jeff2178 ( ago)
This is AWESOME!!!

Author leafygreentree ( ago)
Chicago guy?

Author silversurfer12371 ( ago)
Simply amazing layout. There a few things that look a bit odd and that I
would have done a bit differently, but for the most part, one of the best
layouts I've seen. The sound effects really are a nice touch.

Author bluedoris88 ( ago)
stunningly good!

Author Victor Rojas ( ago)
Mixing the audio from real trains makes the video so much more
interesting, lot of detail, very cool layout.

Author David Massey ( ago)
So awesome! How long was this beauty in the making? Still ongoing work or
done? Meticulous modeling - even the hidden girder bridges were fantastic.
Nice work, Vic. P.S. Love the bridge going across the hallway; your wife
must be one awesome lady.

Author Jeff Church ( ago)
wow !!! you have me drooling here. smoking city

Author Raymond Stewart ( ago)
the best layout ever,period!

Author Rawan Othman Alhazani ( ago)
can i use it?

Author Ken Browne ( ago)
What an amazing .layout Rex, your city landscape of all types of buildings,
the hot dog van are simp,y first class and a credit to you. As are the
locos with amazingly loud horns and the flat tyres on some of trucks.
Thanks for sharing this one. Best wishes from Ken in Scotland UK. 

Author r3v3rs3tWiLiT3 ( ago)
It' really nice and realistic but I would hate to live in that city! the
railroad seems to have been given a free reign to put tracks right down
major roads. I lived in Portland Oregon and they have light rail down the
center of roads but they don't interfere too much with traffic.

Author talesin- god of the internet ( ago)
very detailed. it must have taken several hours to put all that together

BTW, the corleone olive oil company was called "genco" 

Author UhnonymisPrsn27 ( ago)
How long did it take to build the layout?

Author Jarrett Briscoe ( ago)

Author planegoalie (1294 years ago)
Wow, Just wow, you have my dream set. So hard to find good city/Pax
settings. awesome work

Author E34Benzin ( ago)
Truly awesome! I love it.

Author joop roos ( ago)
Great! like

Author brett624 ( ago)
NOTHING EXCESSIVE ABOUT THE HORN NOISES loloops too loud expression..
seriously very impressed I would LOVE to see it in person, some details as
to how long it took, how much thought was placed on it, I noticed the
A-team van on the streets so I wonder if there is trouble among the
building tenants lol, mirrors certainly added the depth of the streets,
awesome engineer's tan line (as in farmer john tan from us truckers arm out
the window), but mostly its the sync of when and how much train sounds are
applied, I LOVE IT -just in case you couldn't hear my words lol, Vic its
truly a work of art and passion, after 4 years I am soo fond of it
remaining in my top 3 video collection you have no idea how much the video
and sync of the sounds means to me, here's to another 4 or more years? !!

Author MisterPersuasion (1615 years ago)
It looks like I'm watching a movie made in Hollywood! Incredible!

Author perth45 (404 years ago)
Somethings not real about it...but I love it anyway....

Author Daniel Hormann ( ago)
graffiti on the trains is truly great!

Author Carl “sparky” Mac ( ago)
Awesome layout incredible detailing all around, a little excessive horn
noise but that's just me, thank you for posting this.

Author railroadguy100 ( ago)
Great layout. Has just about everything with modern railroading

Author KlunkerRider ( ago)
This is still one of my favorite layouts, BTW I will be pinching ideas from
it for my harbor layout

Author HO DM&E Channel ( ago)
Where did you get the railroad crossings and gates? Ps amazing!

Author Modelnoob ( ago)
Awesome Layout !

Author Ravenous Pathogen ( ago)
The attention to details is above outstanding, way awesome.

Author M Kefer ( ago)
Haha A-Team Van @ 1:19

Author Bill Salvey ( ago)
that is totally epic

Author Shawn Driscoll ( ago)
The City Edge Layout - Street Running Scenes - by Vic Smith

Author Shawn Driscoll ( ago)
The lighting is just right for this scene.

Author D ALGE ( ago)
Truly Unbelievable almost like your there, Amazing.. can get lost in it.

Author Eliot Francis ( ago)
What a stunning layout with urban scenery. The weathering and sky is so
realistic. Truly astounding!

Author TheReIntegration ( ago)

Author Bigfella Paul ( ago)
Great looking and running layout.
How did you make the track section in the roadway ?
x Paul x

Author Mark Swasey ( ago)
Great video of a car float and switching it!

Author Darth Belal ( ago)
THE most interesting track layout I've ever seen. This is a very, very
uncommon scene and the details are extraordinary.

Author invertd007 ( ago)
Amazing modeling !

Author Mark G ( ago)

Author ammoguy5 ( ago)
Truly Amazing, Probably the Very Best Model Railroad on Youtube!

Author MICHAEL GLASS ( ago)
the amtrak is AWESOME

Author Mike Beniche ( ago)
love the amtrak and the detail on the layout

Author powerslavelp ( ago)
Dude that's crazy awesome!!

Author wsp162 ( ago)
The best!

Author buddyolepal ( ago)

Author TIEPILOT0815 ( ago)
That is amazing!

I love this layout!!!

Author PRR5406 ( ago)
I've never seen better!

Author Mojoman57 ( ago)
Very nice and the dubbed in sound put it over the top.

Author thomas sharrermaltatrains ( ago)

Author MotoCrazy66 ( ago)
This is not a "layout", it's pure theatre!

Author MKEdubstep ( ago)
my favorite layout on youtube

Author Dimi Domo ( ago)
No Rex, you got it all wrong....from this point forward, the City Edge
Layout as depicted in this video will be called SMITHTOWN! Wow, Rex and
Vic, what a great realistic layout and upload. Award winning to say the
least. Time, effort, and sweat to name a few of your attributes. Both of
you are to be commended for your professional work. Thanks.

Author MrSteve666999 Brancurt Central ( ago)
WOW those 1st 30 seconds looks so realistic, fantastic!!!!

Author James Furlong ( ago)
that's my fav sound of trains you have there.. it sounds like a train in
virginia echoing off the mountains.

Author BlaBla Fook ( ago)
This is not about money.... u must love this.. So beautiful.

Author Rob Blute ( ago)
Did anyone pick out the A-Team van parked in front of Dave's Pawn? I guess
Mr. T was pawning some of his gold necklaces that day.

Author wubba314 ( ago)
My layout is wwwwaaaayyyyy better. . . then i woke up

Author Douglas Hayes ( ago)
Can you tell me what you used to build up the roads and streets aroun the
tracks? email Thank you

Author crazyfvck ( ago)
Street running is common in some areas, though probably not as much now as
it used to be. I know there are tracks like that on some streets in
Chicago, but I have never seen any trains running down them. There are also
the typical sets of tracks that run down the street briefly, or at an
angle, which lead to factories, etc. Those are still in use.

Author James Murphy ( ago)
Well done man i love train city layouts looks like new york really

Author railroading29 ( ago)
wow really cool layout...I like the buildings what kind are they??

Author XadowMonzter ( ago)
would be really cool to watch everything blowing up...hahah !

Author eironbat96 ( ago)
......... I'm speechless......

Author 0108daniel ( ago)
Very nice!! What's the scale of the houses and trains etc?

Author Alejanbro Bravo ( ago)

Author Robert Downey ( ago)
Robert WOW thats the best layout ever. It reminds me of the rodé from Grand
central station NY To CT back in the 70s of Harlem and the Bronxs. Best job
yet on realism. I saw so many things that no one else has posted. Like the
parking meters and motorcycles and much more. The only thing I dont get os
the railyard going down the middle of the street. I sure hope you post more
and thanks for the best 9minutes of my day.

Author videoWCM ( ago)
Awesome, how did you get the buildings to have such deail? are those kits
or made from scratch?

Author Al Brough ( ago)
Please can you post more of your layout. It is spectacular!

Author David Richens ( ago)
that must have taken years to build, is it all scratch built?

Author MV Ortega ( ago)
Fantastic model railway!! greetings

Author Allen Knight ( ago)
The use of the horn is rather excessive! The local residents must be

Author carel luis ( ago)
I hope my layout I am designing will be as half as good as this one

Author BleuBlancoFilms ( ago)
Great set-up and video. I don't know why but I feel I could watch this for
hours. LOL!

Author Jay Uno ( ago)
WOW That is crazy! Love it

Author Mike Kautz ( ago)
Vic, Your layout is simply awsome! Wow I love the steel trestles in the
hallway, where did you purchase those, are they sold to the public or are
they custom made. Thank you in advance. Have a great day.

Author Simon Barratt ( ago)
Simply awesome.

Author William Webb ( ago)
Well done. So cool.

Author profileurbelge ( ago)

Author goolagoola1000 ( ago)
I think you should not run freight trains in the middle of the street.
Instead you should run a trolly or light rail.

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