Halo Master Chief Armor/Costume

Check the completed armor out at this link

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Author crowtheartist (1 month)
I'm gonna make a comment that no one is going to like. I'm ready to accept
the consequences.
Why do all "nerds" have to have this look, or pale, uncared for skin, bad
haircut, glasses, and horrible physique, like the most exercise you do is
getting out of bed, albeit late, in the morning.
I am watching this video for a reason, because I AM a nerd. I'm a big halo
fan, and if you saw my office in my house, you'd be surprised at how...

Author ArcaneBlades (8 months)
Spartans never die. they just go. To hell and regroup.

Author FutureLaugh (4 months)
wow all hand made? excellent work my friend!

Author cpu64 (1 month)
Not bad...

Author TheJimyyy (2 months)
need balaclava black 

Author xboxandmacgamer (3 months)
How much does that weigh?

Author Mini Kirby (3 months)
Is it all fiberglass held together by velcro straps? 

Author 1fast300z (10 days)
Props on putting the entire set on nearly all by yourself. My armor is a
bitch to get on! I like how you cut most of the pieces into two sections.
How does the velcro hold? I noticed you ran bolts on your chest piece to
hold the straps, but didn't notice any on your shin or thigh pieces. I ran
bolts on all of mine.

Author Chris Antonio (22 days)
Link to buy one?

Author Karan Grewal (1 month)
That's sick, how much was it?

Author COLE LEVINE (1 month)
The suit looks like kats suit from halo reach in green

Author vadieboy (7 months)
this came up when I searched worst halo costume best its a pretty good one.

Author Wyatt Goolsby (2 months)
Batman and Master Chief

Author Scott Lewis (2 days)
What about the stumick

Author long thor (1 month)
Hey guy check out my halo foam i build 

Author cody brooke (1 month)
good but you ned a stomach part

Author Jack Mendez (6 months)
one question, how do you make the visor on the helmet???, good custome its
awesome , looks verry rial . saludos desde mexico 

Author Joshua Dallas (6 months)
It looks like girl sparten armour

Author Dakota plant (6 months)
I hate you and your a mother fucker

Author The Scorpion (1 month)
Master Chief sir, ready to kick alien ass?

Author Robert Robinson (6 months)
worst storm trooper outfit ever.

Author like54ninjas (13 days)
I know this is about 2 years late, but this is cool.

Author GriflexMedia (8 months)

Author Marko Ljiljak (3 months)

Author Derpy Squid (6 months)

Author Bex Flowers (5 months)
Kid is a grade A douche nugget. 

Author Joshua Kessler (6 months)
Paintball legend!!!!!

Author Young Rossi (5 months)
he too skinny hhaha he looks like one of those female ones

Author Logan Fultz (7 months)
the mid section was exposed

Author John Kempisty (8 months)
I need it

Author kelvin jones (7 months)
spartans never die they just respond

Author TheUX31EGuy (1 day)
What is the under-suit in this?

Author Kamilza CFPro (1 day)
Just seeing the boots from this made me think your craftwork was awesome

Author Erik Lapointe (2 days)
How long did this costume take?

Author Luke Melamde (2 days)
Is it a good price

Author MadMarvGaming (11 days)

Author William Lynch (5 months)
the stomach part LOL

Author Shirou Fubuki (5 months)

Author jamie parmenter (4 months)
You have way too much spare time

Author Jordan Callaham (4 months)

Author Joshua Brooks (5 months)
I love the Velcro, ingenious

Author Henry N (5 months)
Is the part of your balls comfortable when suit on?

Author RED THOMAS (1 month)

Author luis angel larraga lucero (2 months)
parese vieja la neta si

Author Backyard Crafter 117 (2 months)
Halo 3 has Mark 6 armor, Halo 4 has upgraded Mark 6 armor

Author moon miners (21 day)
It's not MARK V or MARK VI it's MARK IV

Author DiNaMiiC (8 months)
░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/
Il███████████████████]. /▌
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ 

Author Gavin Christensen (5 months)
that kids face when buckleing the shoulder

Author rockNchar2 (6 months)
Where did u get the costume

Author Simeon Ioannou (4 months)
I'm with you on this :)

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