Halo Master Chief Armor/Costume

Check the completed armor out at this link

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Author crowtheartist (2 months)
I'm gonna make a comment that no one is going to like. I'm ready to accept
the consequences.
Why do all "nerds" have to have this look, or pale, uncared for skin, bad
haircut, glasses, and horrible physique, like the most exercise you do is
getting out of bed, albeit late, in the morning.
I am watching this video for a reason, because I AM a nerd. I'm a big halo
fan, and if you saw my office in my house, you'd be surprised at how...

Author The Scorpion (2 months)
Master Chief sir, ready to kick alien ass?

Author Kevin Mann (10 days)
Would going to a nerd convention wearing one of these increase your chances
of scoring some nerd cosplay pussy?

Author like54ninjas (1 month)
I know this is about 2 years late, but this is cool.

Author cpu64 (2 months)
Not bad...

Author DR.GAMER PRO 117 (3 months)
es el master chief mas flaco q e visto XD

Author Mandragora (3 days)
Hooo i wanna your armor

Author TFABumblebee22 WC (4 days)
How long does it take to make it?

Author Matthew Mann (5 days)

Author warren meadows (9 days)
That's one of the most awesome things I've ever seen

Author KidTacktical (12 days)
lol scorpion

Author Katrina Ronneburg (15 days)
Haha I love how everyone is critiquing your armor like they know anything
about making a suit. Chances are if they tried to do what you did it would
look like garbage! 

Author Whacky Boo (18 days)
7:46 Man in a combat bikini xD

Author Vero Jaquez (18 days)
Que pendejo lol

Author mykillerarby (21 day)
Mark 6 get it right

Author NIck Davis (21 day)
Its mark six

Author DimRaveOficial (22 days)
te falta musculatura flaco

Author Matthew Bonwill (22 days)
Looks like master chiefs wife. 

Author Marcel Felix (22 days)
I love it! The chest piece is too far away from the belt though.
Nice work though, really.

Author Elliot Victor (23 days)
Where comprastes halo
Costume and how muc
You cost

Author grumpycat meow (24 days)
Mark 6

Author marshif martged (4 months)
genial yo quiero una donde se consiguen? n_n

Author Greyson Savo (26 days)
So fuckin prime g

Author qrricha Q (29 days)
the master chief armor cost from $500 to a $1000 cos its custom made

Author Marko Ljiljak (4 months)

Author TheUX31EGuy (1 month)
What is the under-suit in this?

Author NANO-Nils (1 month)
wow, sowas hätte ich wirklich auch zu gerne, aber wer nicht von uns HALO
Fans xD

Author Kamil Szarafinski (1 month)
Just seeing the boots from this made me think your craftwork was awesome

Author Erik Lapointe (1 month)
How long did this costume take?

Author Mustachio 0504 (1 month)
Is it a good price

Author Scott Lewis (1 month)
What about the stumick

Author BullGamer2002 WitherGamer GamePlays y mas! (1 month)
fan boy detected D:

Author 1fast300z (1 month)
Props on putting the entire set on nearly all by yourself. My armor is a
bitch to get on! I like how you cut most of the pieces into two sections.
How does the velcro hold? I noticed you ran bolts on your chest piece to
hold the straps, but didn't notice any on your shin or thigh pieces. I ran
bolts on all of mine.

Author MadMarvGaming (1 month)

Author PIGGEH the saviour (1 month)
Mark VI

Author axel curiel (1 month)

Author mykillerarby (21 day)
Mark 6 get it right

Author JohnBass11711 (1 month)
u guys like this one I made?

Author jesschrage (1 month)
hauw much money.

Author xboxandmacgamer (4 months)
How much does that weigh?

Author Causeim Blue (1 month)
Dude what are you wearing? black trousers and full sleeve tshirt? Or
something else?

Author moon miners (1 month)
It's not MARK V or MARK VI it's MARK IV

Author Private Nibbles (1 month)
fix the stomach way way WAY to much of your stomach is showing

Author Chris Antonio (1 month)
Link to buy one?

Author Dave Orcutt (1 month)

Author Isabelle GUINIC-ROUSSET (1 month)
What is a room ? :-/

Author Valerie Sanchez (1 month)
War ded you get eth

Author NinjaGaming (2 months)
It's mark VI

Author Mini Kirby (4 months)
Is it all fiberglass held together by velcro straps? 

Author Karan Grewal (2 months)
That's sick, how much was it?

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