Halo Master Chief Armor/Costume

Check the completed armor out at this link

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Author crowtheartist (7 months)
I'm gonna make a comment that no one is going to like. I'm ready to accept
the consequences.
Why do all "nerds" have to have this look, or pale, uncared for skin, bad
haircut, glasses, and horrible physique, like the most exercise you do is
getting out of bed, albeit late, in the morning.
I am watching this video for a reason, because I AM a nerd. I'm a big halo
fan, and if you saw my office in my house, you'd be surprised at how...

Author Fotus Knight (1 month)
WHAT YOU'RE MAKING?? WAAT? MARK V? It's the MJOLNIR Mark VI Powered Assault

Author xxsmile pewdiepip smilexx (15 days)
Where can i buy one of these

Author Crimson Knight (6 days)
can someone help me out with the pepakura method,im trying to make a halo
reach pilot helm. , jet shoulder pad ,eva shoulder pad a halo 4 recruit
chest plate and the twin-plates ,and thanks for helping me :D

Author Ethan Khem (11 days)
Can I do MILSIM airsoft in the suit? Like rolling and sliding

Author Crimson Knight (6 days)
listen if you're gonna make the weapons i suggest foam board,L.A.D light(or
whatever it's called :P) and BOOM done :P LOTS OF FOAM BOARD,don't want it
to brake and don't do to many layers make sure you can still hold the thing

Author Messianic Mondays (4 days)
How much did that armor cost!! :)

Author Tadeáš Husák (1 day)
Where you buy it

Author Leandro Baten (2 months)
Dis diservs a sub

Author TheAwesomeMyles (1 month)
Cool I made a helmet and armour with pepakura too and found a toy gun at
the shops that looked like a battle rifle

Author Eric Fisher (18 days)
If I had this I would just wear it because its fucking master chief :D

Author tictac gaming (2 months)
That's sweet. I love halo it's my favorite game and I wish I had that I
would wear it all the time. But I'm small. 

Author Oscar M (3 months)




Author Maximus Roberts (27 days)
You should add some black foam or something coming from inside the back of
the helmet
to cover up the back of the neck so you don't see the skin.

Author Cameron Williams (2 months)
I know this is REALLYYY late but im a big fan of halo and i love the
costume im getting halo 5

Author Garrett Nathan (1 month)
So what I'm puzzled by is if a guy in YouTube can create an accurate master
chief armor...than how can binge it 343 not make a halo movie yet? Off
don't u think?

Author Andrew Mullins (26 days)
Where did you buy this costume?

Author Gabriel Lafond (1 month)
real pain in the ass to get it on eh

Author Christian Pierre (22 days)
Donde la compraste 

Author The SWAG HALO LAD (1 month)
you forgot the stomach abs piece

Author Ebola-Chan (3 months)
I wish I could wear a costume like that if I wasn't so short and fat. I
would look like a walking dumpster.

Author Cameron Palmer (25 days)
That is one bad ass suit of armour 

Author drsgobça Rodriguef (17 days)
valeu a pena cada dolar

Author sofisolisc (23 days)
Jaja que gracioso el inigualable master chief

Author Yaniel Perez (27 days)
Can u sell master chief armour

Author Brandon Garcia (2 months)
Dude that's a mark VI (6)

Author Colton Curran (3 months)
ahah sorry not being a dick the armour looks great!! but he is so scrawny
please don't take offence to that! also invest in a head piece for the
black suit so your skin and hair doesn't show out the back of the helmet
but I love the armour and the covi blood on it looks beautiful!! lol

Author Carter Allen (28 days)
The swag halo lad is right

Author George Louis (4 months)
Is that black suit a one piece? How do you pee with that on? If you need to
poop would you have to take the entire thing off?

Author Jesus Silva (2 months)
What about all those ugly gaps between each part -.- it's a sucky custom

Author wrad45 (2 months)
I don't know what this guy is talking about I'm a male body builder 6.2 175
lbs and body fat percentage of a low 10, and I'm huge nerd. Both are

Author Zachary Hale (2 months)
For your ankles you should get cloth and dye it green and add details so it
can cover up your shoe laces and you can still move your ankles

Author Katrina Ronneburg (5 months)
Haha I love how everyone is critiquing your armor like they know anything
about making a suit. Chances are if they tried to do what you did it would
look like garbage! 

Author Diamond Saddle (1 month)
how did you make that

Author PRO Productions (2 months)

Donde lo compraste?

Author Collin Starks (1 month)
We're can I get that armer

Author chris howard (1 month)
Halo 3 armor

Author Alex C (3 months)
I just ordered the deluxe Master Chief costume at the Spirit halloween
store. It was only $80 its got good ratings. I hope it looks at least close
as to to what this one looks like. sweet.

Author MIMIE CAMARGO (2 months)
That is cool master chief is awesome

Author Rage Quit Entertainment (2 months)
Deff Mark VI but great work

Author Valentino Pedroza (3 months)
Amazing *-* I was seriously considering making my own armor this Halloween
but I don't even know where to start xP what's yours made out of?? :o got
an tips? xD

Author like54ninjas (6 months)
I know this is about 2 years late, but this is cool.

Author frostbite261 (3 months)
That awkward moment when Chief's armor changes, and you're stuck with an
outdated version

Author George Louis (4 months)
That is something I don't understand. LED lights on green camouflage.

Author DR.GAMER PRO 117 (8 months)
es el master chief mas flaco q e visto XD

Author Seanster54757 (1 month)
its mark 6!

Author cpu64 (7 months)
Not bad...

Author Blue Bumblebee (3 months)
Give that boy an Assault rifle!

Author gerardo ruelas (2 months)
parece una mujer spartan de halo reach...

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