Master Chief Armor/Costume

Hand made Master Chief Mark VI armor. Take a look at some of our other videos featuring the armor in action! Check the completed armor out at this link

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Author litell man Me ( ago)
gay and gau that is not him master cheif wold hate this

Author litell man Me ( ago)

Author T Ann Oliver ( ago)
I have two brothers. :-)

Author Martin Grant (1987 years ago)
kinda corny

Author Kallen Snelling ( ago)
Mark 6

Author HydroWither Cartoons and Gameplay ( ago)
You are grounded. :p

Author agent alaksa ( ago)
I want it

Author richiepable ( ago)
So the man behind the mask is finally revealed and its mark IV armour not
mark V

Author Mobile Monster ( ago)
Why with the neck you're not supposed to see the neck I like it but I needs
more not what you did

Author Andŕę Gmz ( ago)
very nice

Author The Mario Brothers ( ago)
go faster next time

Author D.G.S. ASSASSIN ( ago)
He bra do ya want to sale this sute

Author HEY GARCIA (955 years ago)
Uuuu masterchip GU



Author Angel De Sousa ( ago)
mate awesome where can I buy one of those? It looks great

Author Boys Konopka ( ago)
how much money was it

Author sheldon morin ( ago)
Would u sell that
(Valdor berge street 664)

Author Aryan Singh ( ago)
Beautiful!!! Except you are missing the entire torso...

Author Noble Six ( ago)

Author Les Salazar ( ago)
Tutorial on how you made it?

Author Osvaldo Ortiz ( ago)
ta chido ese vídeo compañía que le des el tragedia vive en nueboleon2227

Author Mariano Herrera ( ago)

Author Mariano Herrera ( ago)

Author Chris Robinette ( ago)
stop it dissent matter cos who cares cos I don't care it looks fine me

Author juan jeronimo londoño ospina ( ago)
and lodout

Author Mattis Langer ( ago)

Author Mattis Langer ( ago)

Author William. Song ( ago)
how much did that cost cuz I really want that

Author ej haozous ( ago)
He is so skinny 😂

Author Gian Sohanpaul ( ago)
You don't have the lower torso? Dude it looks like you have armoured boobs

Author William Hernandez ( ago)
I want one plz

Author Kevin Shanahan ( ago)
So jealous

Author Blanca Lopez ( ago)
soy un hombre me regalas el traje

Author brady sizemore ( ago)
Where is the abdominal section????

Author Frazzle (1546 years ago)
Such nerds, much crap

Author Alex Rovinelli ( ago)
o that's so 😎

Author Alex Rovinelli ( ago)
where did u get the actual costume? I know the boots but I like it and want

Author ELITEGAMING ( ago)
That's so cool how did you get this?

Author Sierra Vernon ( ago)
Cool! How did you do the lights on the armor?

Author thecoolguy6688 ( ago)
i would love to have that

Author daniel ramirez ( ago)
adonde compro eso

Author kimberley johnson ( ago)
were your tummy

Author kimberley johnson ( ago)
are you master chefe

Author kimberley johnson ( ago)
mega halo fan I 💗 the suit

Author Bryan Cortez ( ago)

Author Bryan Cortez ( ago)
I like the suit

Author C. A. Guerrero (1865 years ago)
Very well made. How long did it take you?

Author jonathan williams ( ago)
hey I love this costume great job. but how did you scale it to fit your
body? I am having trouble with the scaling and printing

Author Spartan Girl ( ago)
<3 awww

Author Simon Yobo ( ago)
how do you make a Master Chief costume

Author Simon Yobo ( ago)
how do you make a Master Chief costume

Author Calvin Dorband ( ago)
If master chief was a female that's what you look like........A Badass
female master chief.

Author Calvin Dorband ( ago)
At the 8 minute mark you look like a female spartan

Author g.a.m.o m.o ( ago)
es el masther shief mas flaco de la historia

Author xbox and ipad gaming ( ago)
Where can I get it

Author Thel 'Vadam ( ago)
Amazing costume! it looks like i'd be in an actual halo movie or something!

Author Th3DFG ( ago)
its mark VI

Author Hunter Mischler ( ago)
I always see these costumes that are so cool and I have no idea were to get
one that isn't made of Foam does anybody have any idea were to get one like

Author Hunter Mischler ( ago)
I always see these costumes that are so cool and I have no idea were to get
one that isn't made of Foam does anybody have any idea were to get one like

Author Marylou L Kiluwe ( ago)
15mins must be 455 hours

Author spaceman7137 Youtuber ( ago)

Author Friends Rull (awesome kids I'll do it) ( ago)
Master chef he's not the best he only has reflexes the golden halo is

Author shimthan Siyang ( ago)
I have made an armor but not as good as your armor

Author Carlos Julian Moreno Flores ( ago)

Author Notsolittle Gamer boy ( ago)
Ben? Well that's meeeeeeee.

Author Michael Agee ( ago)
who made that suit and how much was it?

Author Bailey Blatchford ( ago)
where can I buy this?

Author Julio Cesar ( ago)

Author Angel Rodrigo Flores Lopez ( ago)
Yo quiero una de esas

Author tina doyle ( ago)
Wow that's the best costume I've ever seen

Author Tyler Moses ( ago)
How much u want for that

Author cooljay23 ( ago)
"Never put it on by my self before" that's was she said

Author SnakeEyes HD ( ago)
where get the armor

Author Shawn Muskego ( ago)
were did you get this

Author Luis Miranda ( ago)
tienes. armas

Author sudilos117 ( ago)
Put on helmet and went from kinda awkward to instant cool. Still
uncomfortable with the see through spandex suit thou.

Author Xavier Jalem (593 years ago)
that is pretty cool

Author H4v0c gaming (79 years ago)
What about like the bottom part of your torso

Author Daiana Silva ( ago)
quantosano você tem

Author Eduardo Manzo Romero ( ago)
como se consigue la armadura

Author Maria Davila (657 years ago)
I'd rather a real mc

Author FiRE F0X ( ago)
nice dude

Author Esta Christina Lara ( ago)
Where did you get the costume?

Author Cpt Swoopty (Captain Swoopty) ( ago)
Awkward watching a young boy getting dressed.... lmao Awesome craftsmanship
though. I wish I had the resources to make a real full metal set of MC
armor. At least a motorcycle helmet :P

Author EXTE117 MX ( ago)
le faltan 50 kilos de masa muscular XD

Author Jose Lizarraras ( ago)
In ebay or amazon

Author Jose Lizarraras ( ago)
Were do you buy it?

Author Caleb Cox ( ago)
Master chef Face reveal

Author Arek Majerczak ( ago)

Author Angel Davud Sosa Villalobos ( ago)
like halo

Author Jesus Garcia ( ago)
its a mark 6 armour not mark 5 the mark 5 was the one he got in halo combat
evolved but he later destroyed it and got the mark 6 in halo2

Author Tanya Barker ( ago)
is it for sale

Author Carlos Milan ( ago)
a de pesar un chingo

Author Sergio Pacheco Flores ( ago)
como consiguieron las armaduras

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
I with u

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
how much of a fan are u in halo

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
that's the halo 3 suit right

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
the body is the torso which is the chest part

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
that is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaising

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
you would get real hot in that u know

Author samuel godfrey ( ago)
did u get a toy metal assault rifle because u can get it at the halo store

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