Halo Master Chief Armor/Costume

Check the completed armor out at this link

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Author xboxandmacgamer (18 days)
How much does that weigh?

Author FutureLaugh (1 month)
wow all hand made? excellent work my friend!

Author vadieboy (3 months)
this came up when I searched worst halo costume best its a pretty good one.

Author ArcaneBlades (5 months)
Spartans never die. they just go. To hell and regroup.

Author Ross Gregersen (5 months)
Death to Google! 

Author Kevin Yamil (12 days)
Hey, I noticed two things:
1. Helmet is a little bigger.... but I think its fine for you.
2. Consider to make a belly piece made out of black flexible foam, you can
find some hexagonal shaped ones in Nike Pro Combat shirts, A little sewing
and you are done. ;)
Overall, good armor and details man!!!

Author jamie parmenter (1 month)
You have way too much spare time

Author William Lynch (1 month)
the stomach part LOL

Author Jordan Callaham (1 month)

Author Tails Doll (2 months)

Author Joshua Dallas (3 months)
It looks like girl sparten armour

Author Simeon Ioannou (23 days)
I'm with you on this :)

Author Joshua Brooks (2 months)
I love the Velcro, ingenious

Author Jack Mendez (3 months)
one question, how do you make the visor on the helmet???, good custome its
awesome , looks verry rial . saludos desde mexico 

Author Henry N (2 months)
Is the part of your balls comfortable when suit on?

Author GriflexMedia (5 months)

Author Robert Robinson (3 months)
worst storm trooper outfit ever.

Author DiNaMiiC (5 months)
░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/
Il███████████████████]. /▌
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ 

Author Gavin Christensen (2 months)
that kids face when buckleing the shoulder

Author Christopher Caro (28 days)
Hey where did you get the helmet? Its awesome!

Author rockNchar2 (3 months)
Where did u get the costume

Author Dakota plant (2 months)
I hate you and your a mother fucker

Author Colton Regal (4 months)
it's a mk6 the mark 5 was in halo combat evolved

Author ButterSheepGoddess (5 months)
He's to skinny

Author Gregory Campos-Hohn (3 months)

Author Jedi Chapman (3 months)
Too much stomach showing and skin on neck was vissible

Author Louis Gagnon (3 months)
I want you to tell me WHERE THE F--- YOU BOUGHT THIS.
I want one me too!! send me a link !!!!!
Awesome video super cool

Author dinkz9201 (2 months)

Author Ashtyn Gruner (2 months)
That is an amazing costume, but you forgot the band's around your stomach
below the chestplate.

Author gabriel riffo gonzalez (3 months)
very very cool

Author Nevin Rhymer (4 months)
too skinny to fit master chief image, the armor is beautiful though.

Author michael martin (3 months)
no affence but ur way to scinny for thhat armor

Author Jean Pro Auditore (4 months)
woman set?

Author Joshua Mettam (3 months)

Author VWTOYS (3 months)
Wow so cool. Where is it from ?

Author Kieran Doggett (2 months)

Author James Higgins (4 months)
What a fuckin noob! 

Author Luis Moreno (1 month)
The moment u put on the helmet u looked badass

Author Jamie Mcsharry (1 month)
that is a really good costume and especially you made it from a hand if you
make another won you should make a guide to make it. =)

Author Rebecca Flores (1 month)
Kid is a grade A douche nugget. 

Author gemelle harris (5 months)
U lucky

Author Eugenio Garza (7 months)
Finally!! done... damnit! have to go to the bathroom!!!

Author Ally Bieber (6 months)
it shows to much of the back and belly but it looks nice!

Author Jake Zilla (6 months)
your such nerds i love it XD

Author emvids (7 months)
You made that yourself? That's really cool stuff. I want one.

Author Callum Smith (7 months)
Nice to see ur boyfriend helping out pit on ur amour from a game it was
cute to watch...

Author D3MONtheDarkone (6 months)
you should give a tutorial to make this i would love to make a smaller
version for me

Author jesperwf (7 months)
Is it for sale? And if it is, how much?

Author YOLODUDES (6 months)
i want to buy that how much is it? plzz leave it in my coments on my vids

Author D4rkM1ch3L (7 months)
pedaso de estiercol

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