The Best Sexy Girl Vanessa Hessler..

Natale A Miami..Vanessa Hessler (born 21 January 1988) is an Italian model and actress of American descent. She has been a model since she was 15, and has appeared in many publications throughout Italy and Germany.Hessler appeared in the 2005 film Christmas in Miami (Italian: Natale a Miami), along with Christian De Sica, and consequently her popularity soared. She plays Greek princess, Irina, in the 2008 Asterix at the Olympic Games (French: Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques), a film that also stars Alain Delon and Gérard Depardieu. She also plays the leading female role in Per Una Notte d'Amore

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Author Bibu231060 ( ago)
Beaucoup d'humour sexy :-)
La jeune ingénue faussement naïve et le quadragénaire qui tente de résister
... On dirait du Molière, de la Comédie dell Arte ...

Bravo les italiens :-))

Author arslan malik (883 years ago)
so romantic movements

Author Ronald McDonald ( ago)
Is she his niece or something? I can't find the plot to this movie.

Author Prranjal Shrivaastav ( ago)
That old bitch ruined everything, the old guy shud've kicked her out'f that

Author Kent Henniger ( ago)
discount condom king- vanessa is a 10

Author Invader'Os ( ago)

Author João Peireira ( ago)
Parece que eles estão fazendo bobeira kkkkkk

Author Carson Lin ( ago)
The girl was musaging the boy

Author Wynrotar ( ago)
garbage slut has the chin of a boxer cant fap to this bs

Author Rakhman Khan ( ago)
This is so I u

Author Francisco Aceves ( ago)
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Author igor alavarce Martinez (932 years ago)
name first song?

Author Dan Collins ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Mamma Kate ( ago)
Eeew! No ass what-so-evah! But we all can't be perfect now can we.

Author Jorge Guillermo Potes Schweizer ( ago)
i know you dont understand italien
BUT watch  this  comedy  . To smile .

Author George Hope ( ago)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Author nasra abdi ( ago)

Author lThellRockl ( ago)
At these kind of times that i wish i speak Italian...

Author ‫רז נאמן‬‎ ( ago)

Author Evangalene 123 Floyd ( ago)
Vannsa you say my sisterers name is vadeesa

Author John Bennett ( ago)
What rhe fuck am I watching!?!?!?!?!?

Author Mak G ( ago)
Wtf why do people even like this!

Author Kingsley Anthony ( ago)
So lovely. 

Author Akison Jame ( ago)
I think all girls are becoming disaggregated beautiful have the
same thoughts I do not

Author Bagheera 1 ( ago)
I was going to close this, but stuck around as my Italian was getting

Author ‫ابو احمد كرم ابوعودة‬‎ ( ago)
Entweder man löscht die Dialoge ganz raus oder man lässt die Musik weg!
Beides zusammen laufen zu lassen aber ist absoluter Murks!

Author Angelo Alvarez ( ago)

Author Jalice8881 ( ago)
Clearly everyone is dumb and stupid, this just proves Italians are the same!
Eat naturally & ignore Deeann & Evelynn McCoy as erection is a natural
condition and not for pure money makers!!!

Author Akash Opi ( ago)
This is romantic & sexy video.

Author Dickmasher McIroncock ( ago)

Author aknur zhaparzhan ( ago)

Author Amazing Animals Mating ( ago)
Nice clip. I liked it. Thanks for sharing it:)

Author Shadow Clavejo ( ago)
They related? Wtf crazy

Author Deeann (1903 years ago)
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Author Lisa Holloman ( ago)
best video

Author Evelynn McCoy (643 years ago)
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Author Mimi maryam ( ago)

Author Mimi maryam ( ago)

Author Steve Smith ( ago)
kinda cute, not much butt. id still eat her ass out. hell, id eat her ass

Author erick aguero ( ago)
name of second song?

Author Rex Laing ( ago)
it is in spanish

Author Nesquick Guy ( ago)
Whats the name of movie? And song playing on background? That old song
reminds me my childhood!

Author David Scott ( ago)
a severe serial pervert rapist probably uploaded this video

Author datingforsex ( ago)
my GODDD!!!)))

Author Carmen Soriano ( ago)
I am sure you need an exorcism lust is one of the mortal sin Vade Retro
Satana .

Author Sultana Begum ( ago)
It is so sexxyyy ye l love it fuck 

davverro fa ridere

Author Usman Jutt ( ago)
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Author Tomppapvp Kiljunen ( ago)
Tol tyypil meni tissit naamaa

Author JjaJang Wang ( ago)

Author Olav Moldestad ( ago)
disgusting ... typical american shit!

Author Professor David ( ago)

Author jaycee mandap ( ago)

Author toddyballer21 ( ago)
My willy is standing up! What is happening to me?

Author João Bernardes ( ago)
muito legal.

Author diurite cicero ( ago)
patatipapataakunamatatamatitattatottatatata...... OH OH PLZ SHUT UP!

Author Rudy Cooper ( ago)
what the hell, 82 mill views

Author apaduano100 ( ago)
I made it to where she is licking his hand, even a gay guy would bang this

Author Rose Lily ( ago)
Nice Girls

Author Amaron Mcmahon ( ago)
This s u

Author Fussball Meister ( ago)
Isn't that the 2006 world cup anthem?

Author Bao Vo ( ago)
Check out this video on You. 

Author Ant Lail ( ago)

Author Jassica Sheperson ( ago)

Author TIMEBANDIT ( ago)
This girl is perfection. INCREDIBLE body, incredible face, incredible eyes,
great personality. PERFECT!

Author Lisa Zhang ( ago)
so the old guy is Gay ?

Author TVTyro ( ago)
Is this John Calipari on a recruiting trip?

Author People Faces ( ago)
wow she is realy the best!

Author Tempo Nelson ( ago)
Looks funny! Christmas in Miami .
This reminds me of a French movie of the 60's with Jane Berkin and Elan
Delon supper sexy. The whole movie basically takes place by a swimming pool.

Author Shafqat Hanif ( ago)
Full fuck

Author ali shafizadeh ( ago)
The Best Sexy Girl Vanessa Hessler..:

Author Liam Turvey ( ago)
Why not sex

Author humayra nahin (835 years ago)
really sex.

Author Sabaku Gaara (76 years ago)
nafsu njer :D

Author Mariata Dia ( ago)
Ko weli webaani

Author 1991Aranka ( ago)
A pity this girl ended up growing up to be Khaddaffi's son's whore

Author BMolodost ( ago)
Амерекосы то озабеченей нас))
82 млн. просмотров.
И как я сюда попал...

Author behnamasid2 ( ago)
Babe de poopi?

Author Jack Richter ( ago)

Author Martha Penson ( ago)
Jim you are a Bich

Author Wet Orange ( ago)
How did that get 81M views, I have no idea/.

Author Surfex P ( ago)
LOL The guy at the beginning looks like an older and taller Richard

Author Marsh Mellow Sisters Pranking & Challenges ( ago)
who the hell is that langue!I don't understand them!!!!

Author Wiam Echatbi ( ago)
Huuuu este vidio es tonto

Author alehandro gane.s. ( ago)
superba Vanessa

Author leo sinnott ( ago)
WTF is this and how did I get here.

Author TheGodParticle ( ago)
Until night falls and then your bitten alive by mosquitoes. 

Author Patricia Pablo ( ago)

Author moe knows ( ago)
whats the song in the beginning?

Author Paul Townsend ( ago)
Nice pair of thighs!

Author Allison Cutcher ( ago)
You look cool and sezy

Author Петр Петров ( ago)

Author Ruma akter ( ago)
wow! so hot

Author Daniel Welch ( ago)
Why does this have so many views?

Author Ahmed Khalil ( ago)
sharm elsheikh best

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