Tranzit: How To Kill The Electric Man? Black Ops 2 Zombies Tutorial (HD)

**UPDATE! GALVAKNUCKLES can kill him also! but the best way is with the EMP Grenade!! This was my 1st time seeing HIM, and i didnt know what it was, please check the date of the vid lol..

Not sure where this electric man comes from! you turn on the power and he suddenly appears next time you take the bus to his area again where you turn the power on.

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Author Miles S (1 month)
I kill the electric guy with one shot of the ray gun just like I be
killing Brutus in mob of the dead

Author RaiIN BoW (7 months)
can i boy emp granades somewhere ? or can i just get them from the mystery
box ?

Author Edgar Soltero (5 months)
That's shockwave he's the one who tells u all the magic

Author DCruz (5 months)
The way I defeated him was he was he was on the boss then what happened I
kept knifing him and a few knifes of following him he died

Author Cindy Betz (3 months)
you can use AN emp or a electricnickles to kill him

Author Extra Krispy (3 months)
Ray gun kills him in one hit

Author jose meza (14 days)
You can stab him 

Author Fun Games (11 days)
I was scared my first time today!

Author juan fritze (1 month)
get galavaknuckles

Author Alberte J (2 months)
He always kill me!

Author GamingGirl48 (1 month)
Emps and galvanucles 2 hit him

Author Thisisswagg Power (17 days)
U got waw

Author Veronica Ortiz (11 days)
U can also kill him with the emp

Author Nick Mechelke (4 months)
You can kill him with concussion geranides to they work faster

Author Diego Alaniz (2 months)
gernades work well i didnt know that he was going to be summoned but then i
saw lighting and i told my friend maybe it the electric zombie and he said
its nothing then i just saw him me knife him 3 times then he was stuck and
i threw all my gernades and he died

Author Ori Geva (3 months)
Keep knifing him (no galvenukles)

Author Preston Harvie (1 month)
When he teleports he looks like the whisp orbs when doing the richtofen
ending easter egg

Author SWAG....CHAMPS!!!!!! (3 months)

Author SRM94HD (5 months)
Thanks this worked 

Author GameBoyHD (2 months)
You can kill that guy with electric punch. that punch is on top of the bar
in diner, put a small ladder of bus ther and you can go up ;))

Author Brianna Torres (5 months)
U kill him with a EMP grenade

Author Beats By Ell Yorker (7 months)
I use the EMp to kill HIM

Author Zombie Hunter 100 (6 months)

Author Alexander Nguyen (20 days)
Throw a emp to kill him

Author TheOleGames (6 months)
Dominic that was a mean move

Author Rendord (4 months)
If you want to KILL him you have to use jet engine gun

Author Shari Stettner (8 months)
this guy is a BITCH trying to find at round 4-8

Author Ki Miles (6 months)
stop bill save vail

Author padraig holland (1 month)
I know how to kill him turn on the power let him out make him shock you
then turn power of

Author Elitepix . (1 month)
That electric dude killed me so fast..and I was so confused 

Author Ian Philp (25 days)
That electric man is Avagadro

Author Derp Time (1 month)
Just keep knifing

Author teamextreme rc (20 days)
when you turn on the power, look at the electricity spot and at the top
something will pop up and if you look close, there is a guy/zombie in a
then a little while later you will see lightning in the sky.
next he will come after you.
you can knife,use galvaknuckles,or ray gun from what i know

Author Kyle Scott (1 month)
Use emp or pack-a-punched Ray gun

Author TheCoolB2000 (3 months)
Throw one EMP at him and he'll die from it.

Author Mohamad al-khulaifi (20 days)
just throw an emp from the mystery box

Author Carson Cadogan (3 months)
You have to get the electric trap that is next to the power supply to stun
him and he may be vulnerable to bullets never tried it yet

Author Alex Patey (20 days)
When I played transit I seen the man but the wasn't on?

Author Darien Guraleczka (4 months)
there is a galvasword

Author xai wilcox (21 day)
That dude can kill you

Author Jeffrey Jost (4 months)
First use the trap, and the story is the girl that controlls the zombies is
getting board at her game... soooo she adds the electric zombie so it is
more entertaining

Author James Lusk (4 months)
i got to round 26 and i didnt encounter him WITH the power on

Author Bat Man (5 months)
EMP grenades will kill him faster

Author Kameron2K (2 months)
In mob of the dead if you kill brutas he gives you a drop everytime you
kill him

Author Joel Gibbons (7 months)
I heard EMP works also

Author superpool12 (6 months)

Author Omar Abdulrahman (2 months)
Just throw at him emp grenade he will die

Author Linda Poor (1 month)
If no one said it,he spawns after you repass the Bus Depot,then he hunts
you,he was an experiment "lab rat" and he was infected,and he turned into
him,u can kill him wih Gaverknuckles or EMPs with any knife.

Author Rahman Saymon (5 months)
He comes like every 5 rounds throw emp so he never comes back.

Author James kenney (5 months)
the portal theat maxis made fucked up and forced power in and made him

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