Tranzit: How To Kill The Electric Man? Black Ops 2 Zombies Tutorial (HD)

**UPDATE! GALVAKNUCKLES can kill him also! but the best way is with the EMP Grenade!! This was my 1st time seeing HIM, and i didnt know what it was, please check the date of the vid lol..

Not sure where this electric man comes from! you turn on the power and he suddenly appears next time you take the bus to his area again where you turn the power on.

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Author Popcorntheif (2 months)
I shot this guy with the ray gun twenty times. Now I find out knives kill
him. :,(

Author Anthony Woods (10 days)
The electic brass knuckles u get 4m top of the diner make it easier to kill
him also emp grinades 4m da box 

Author FaZe Scorpionzzz (6 months)
I kill the electric guy with one shot of the ray gun just like I be
killing Brutus in mob of the dead

Author Edward Dicktofen (3 months)
You can actually beat Tranzit.

Author RetroGaming (4 months)
Your supposed to use emps lol

Author Patrick Luyckx (1 month)
Just throw EMP and them shoot with ray gun

Author Ropsu Ahonen (1 day)
Are you stupid? Just use emp!
Ps. 2:20 can you even reload that gun?! :D

Author jesus ochoa (12 days)
I got a perk

Author Bob, Virginia, Robert, Destiny, Leland DeWitt (3 months)
Its a zombie that had a test put cords in him push on the lever that makes
the zombie powerful and now he,s pissed

Author Jayden Sneed (9 days)
When you turn the power on you will see a guy spining in the mashine

Author kateperryl (19 days)
i do think there is an emp grenade that can weaken him or something

Author shadow killer 123 (27 days)
i heard that hes maxis soul but he cant control it any more

Author Jayden Parsons (26 days)
I did the same thing when I saw him 

Author Julian Netzell (26 days)
Um has noone noticed that you can just shoot him when you turn the power
on? When he starts coming out just shoot him

Author Scott Juleon (24 days)
hie didn't die he just went to the sky to power back up and come back
stronger their is no way to actually kill him 

Author gerrit strabbing (1 month)
Its the Avogadro

Author Irish101gaming (24 days)
I dont think he acually dies. You see him do 100 backflips and then launch
in the sky. He maybe could return in the next treyarch game. If dont agree
leave a reply saying why beacause im not a super know everything about
zombies guy. But it is just a guess.

Author MP7 GAMER (29 days)
You can build a device that kills it

Author zach bland (1 month)
OK if you really wanna kill him use emp grenades it works in two hits trust

Author Sean Smet (1 month)
The electric guys name is Avagadro (think that's how you spell it) anyway
he is trapped inside the big machine in the middle of the power room and
when you turn on the power you can actually see him escaping and if you
listen to the bus driver when your approaching the power station he calls
it something research station so that means that he must have been some
sort of science experiment. 

Author fijalin i (1 month)
1 shot with emp and ray gun

Author kekena3 (1 month)
Hate that dude

Author Isaiah Tapia (1 month)
The knife you have does low damage but when use of the guavlea knuckles it
does a lot of damage
With emphasis it shuts down for a shot time
Use emp then use the knuckles

Author Charles Laumatia (1 month)
Fucken stupid

Author Armoni Shelly (1 month)
I wasted my rpd on him and ALL I HAD TO DO IS KNIFE HIM BULLSHIT

Author Paulo Barrios (1 month)
i heard u can throw a emp

Author Lori kohut (2 months)
Use PAC a punch that's how I killed him

Author grace price (2 months)
Tru3 R4NG3 hint add me

Author Kevin Rodriguez (2 months)
I saw rhe elecric guy he was in the lab and got free i killed him with a
nife i got in the mystery box

Author Diego Sernadas (2 months)
Emp gernade

Author Alex Morozov (2 months)
Just throw an EMP or just knife him with g knuckles

Author RuSh Reserve - PS3 Sniping & Competitive (2 months)

Author Deborah Hawkins (2 months)
Use a Emp grenade

Author Matthew Holmes (2 months)
+a zombie got stuck in electricitey

Author Dontavious Brewster (2 months)
The something called power punch shoot him with it 30 with machine gun and
he is dead

Author Cody Packer (2 months)

Author M Cunningham (3 months)

Author Joseph Cortez (3 months)
I killed him with ray gun but I was down (quick revive)

Author Trav the Lord (3 months)
I think you use the wonder weapon to kill electric man

Author 3DSFlo (3 months)
What games do you play other than Call of Duty?

Author Andre Grigsby (3 months)
He's mad because he think u trap him 

Author Jimmy Nutrin (3 months)
Cant you use EMP grenades?

Author Akenzen Mayhem (3 months)
Get the big knife

Author Diego Alaniz (6 months)
gernades work well i didnt know that he was going to be summoned but then i
saw lighting and i told my friend maybe it the electric zombie and he said
its nothing then i just saw him me knife him 3 times then he was stuck and
i threw all my gernades and he died

Author emerica1980 (3 months)
He shows up after you turn on the power and pass the bus station again

Author Dontavious Brewster (2 months)
The something called power punch shoot him with it 30 with machine gun and
he is dead

Author Juan Tobon (3 months)
Get the pack-a-punch and just start knifing the electric zombie and you
could kill him on high rounds as well

Author Daniel Leano (4 months)
U can see him come up when the power is on at the top of the peer generator
it looks like he's struggling

Author Corey Hedberh (4 months)
I call the eletric guy electro

Author jesus barron (4 months)
I killed him by knifing him

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