Tranzit: How To Kill The Electric Man? Black Ops 2 Zombies Tutorial (HD)

**UPDATE! GALVAKNUCKLES can kill him also! but the best way is with the EMP Grenade!! This was my 1st time seeing HIM, and i didnt know what it was, please check the date of the vid lol..

Not sure where this electric man comes from! you turn on the power and he suddenly appears next time you take the bus to his area again where you turn the power on.

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Author Anthony Updike ( ago)
His name is him

Author Evie Quezada ( ago)

Author Dalton Ledford ( ago)
shot him when hes in a ball

Author Jessica Carey ( ago)
i shoted him with the jet gun but it dident work

Author Garvaez Stevenson ( ago)
to kill him you can use galvanucles

Author Majorplazma ( ago)
Throw an emp grenade he will die from the first time

Author Marylou L Kiluwe ( ago)
wat's da story

Author Eric Hua ( ago)
Throw a emp grenade at him

Author the illuminati ( ago)
i saw that little shit today and i was like what the hell man what is
that.hay dont you turn into that on mob of the dead i think its after life

Author Ian Pierce ( ago)
ray gun

Author tEhON ( ago)
You can also emp electric man

Author Aidan Robertson ( ago)
shit... turned on power saw him like u see him on the power stop

Author Carl Coonderpistan ( ago)
apperantly "him" is actually called the avogadro. idk why.

Author Colt Cox ( ago)
Use electric knuckles it kills him faster 

Author Eli Gaming Challenges ( ago)
Galvic knuckles kill him faster

Author Tank Torres ( ago)
I just killed him with one emp grenade. Then I got achievement.

Author longbowgaming 2003 (999 years ago)

Author Mob Master ( ago)
Electric man has nuthing to do with maxis...

Author Al Morales ( ago)
Use emp grenade to kill that anoying thing

Author Aquicha Powell ( ago)
Use the NP grenade to killed electric man

Author Juan Palomares ( ago)
If you shank him it affects him also

Author clarivel guandique ( ago)
the emp kills instantly lol

Author se y guyth7ng ( ago)

Author Valeke Tomblinson ( ago)
You throw an emp grenade at him and then (ive never done this but a friend
told me) i think you're able to shoot at him without him sucking the blast

Author Matthew Norris ( ago)
emp grenades also kill him

Author Benjamin Reid ( ago)
lets play together sometime my name on the Xbox 360 is phinox lion

Author blake sanders ( ago)
Maybe an emp 

Author Cameron Soo ( ago)
Emp's should do the trick, if not, then just keep knifing after, shouldn't
be too hard after those emp blasts

Author Alex Young ( ago)

Author Jacquel Spearman ( ago)
You can kill him using the zombie shield 

Author Christopher Gurrola ( ago)
You can kill the electric man real quick by just throwing him an emp 

Author Mohammed Albalooshi ( ago)
fuck you

Author Jerry Trevino ( ago)
Shoot him with Ray gun then nice

Author Jacob Zaidi ( ago)
Use an emp grenade

Author LyNxz _Snipz ( ago)
THE STORY OF A BIG DADDY the story beggins like this. Ones there was a dad
who weret a zombie and he worked in electro house thing then zombie arrived
n said need work call me big daddy said ok but what is it what work, zombie
answers electric zombie then big daddy was like nah ah ah I aint goin
anywere then zombie was like then get raped bitch then big daddy got raped
n big daddy enjoy it n then they were playing with sex toys n 1 of em got
out of controll n big zombie daddy got electrocuted then he was like ill

Author Jesus Salinas ( ago)
you can use e.m.p's to kill him

Author Stephanie Talbot ( ago)
Use galva nucleus just get the ladder that goes in the bus and add it to
the diner vent and it's there it kills him 1 shot

Author Natea Bomar ( ago)
Guys stop giving him bad comments cause this can really help kill electric

Author Kevin Rios Mayoral ( ago)
Try Emp

Author CDFGgamerz ( ago)
I spammed him with a fucking ray gun. a knife???!?! Ok...

Author rachel jarrett ( ago)
That elictric thing shocked me and killed my friends also me it tell a
ported into the bus but it was fun thanks now I know how to kill it

Author Jacob Meade ( ago)
I now how to kill him it yousely works here it is you have to use a Granada

Author Caroline Michaels ( ago)
Another thing u can use to kill it is using galvin knuckles😝

Author Cameron Rivers ( ago)
U forgot teleporter

Author Dominik Jacko ( ago)
To pap 2 times the gun takes 2000 points to pap the gun
2 times

Author Moof Train Play ( ago)
i killed him with the jet gun

Author kingmakaii ( ago)
I turned the power on then before he got free I turned it back off and when
I turned it on agin he didn't come out 

Author Matthew Olewiler ( ago)
You could use the galvaknuckles

Author Diego Viera ( ago)
You can't kill it in its electrical form only in its human form which can
be seen by using an emp

Author GokuG 53 ( ago)
Did you know that the electric guy is Samantha maxis's father and Samantha
maxis is from call of duty black ops 1 and she is the boss in that

Author Gabe Williams ( ago)

Author Aunillah Oneil ( ago)
Just throw EMP grenade & hit him with galvanuckles.

Author O'shea Toledo ( ago)
use EMPs on Him its Fast And U don't Waste time on him .

Author Jake Maybrier ( ago)
I was just playing he spawned electricuted me twice and I died

Author Kenten and mom, were cool ( ago)
use galva knuckles 2 hits to kill/defeat him

Author D Moefoe ( ago)
Turn off the power first and when you see him again then knife. Used that
knife trick but he kept coming back. This one he'll leave u alone for an
extended time than before then turn the power back on.....but if u also do
that he'll do the same thing again. But first thing when u here that
thunderstorm turn off power.

Author Dalton Grizzle ( ago)

Author Joshua Johnson ( ago)
Him was a scientist who built the electric place and went fighting zombies
and got bit and ran in his emp machine and killed himself.

Author Charley Courtney ( ago)
You could also throw an emp at him

Author believe in ( ago)

Author believe in ( ago)
He made me die already niga100%dead

Author believe in ( ago)
You have me die on wave 100 and he goes up in the sky and gets more
powerful thank for letting me wast my time for that stupid video

Author Brit Mcquitty ( ago)

Author Aiden Fitzgerald ( ago)

Author Aiden Fitzgerald ( ago)
Have u tried to throw a gernade or a semtec at the lighning dude. 

Author Dawson Jaquith ( ago)
Pretty sure you can use an EMP grenade

Author luka klahre ( ago)
BowieKnife and EMP

Author T Anderson ( ago)
His name is him

Author David Gonzalez ( ago)
He isn't died he just went up the sky to restore power Dan and I think u
can't kill him so yea east of time watching this video... 

Author Steve Mojang ( ago)
Galvin nuckles kill him faster

Author Jude Price ( ago)
You can also use EMP grenades

Author Luca C. ( ago)
So is that lightning zombie a ester egg or a electric ghost?

Author Christian Jones ( ago)
Rey gun

Author JJ Heupel ( ago)
The electric man is a zombie who gets shocked when you turn on the power 

Author Bill Crater ( ago)
Throw emp!! More affective

Author Oisin Lenaghan ( ago)
Galvaknuckles kills him in 3 hits

Author Jaqyne Brooks ( ago)
You need a ray gun and emp's to kill him me and my brother beat him by
throwing a emp then shooting him with a ray gun😅😁

Author jerremy norgrove ( ago)
i threw an emp grenade at him and he died

Author mike power ( ago)
U can use EMP

Author Nathan Barnes ( ago)
I think the gyu is griffs son

Author Juan Tovar ( ago)
Or get lucky and yet the sleeper tactical and throw it I did it and got it
right now

Author Dalton Fieden ( ago)
No the lightning guy can kill u without jug,he killed me in 1 hit! No
offense dude.

Author Tonga4Life TCG ( ago)
lol at 0:20 look like electric man is humping the the window xD

Author Demetrice Singleton ( ago)
And thanks

Author Demetrice Singleton ( ago)
Or what if u turn off your power

Author Demetrice Singleton ( ago)
What about the knuckles on top of the dinner

Author 1987_foxy _ ( ago)
Emp bombs

Author Marcus Savage (1368 years ago)
you can shoot the ray gun on it

Author Julian Villarreal Ciba ( ago)
Throw IEP grenad 

Author Jason Kaye ( ago)
Oh my gosh at the end when he died so weird because like he did like 50
billion flips and he flew randomly into the sky 

Author Pingo Pong ( ago)
Emps work to kill him

Author Graeden Ball ( ago)
If you put a uncharged electric trap down and he stands on it he will get
sucked in it and make the tap charged at certain moments and uncharged at
certain moments. hope I help ;)

Author Kwaii Doritos (2001 year ago)
Do emp grenades work?

Author call of mincraft ( ago)
Emp's help

Author Infliction V2 ( ago)
I heard EMP's work well against it

Author FrWiiZz BoII22 ( ago)
If there's any body who could help me get this achievement and the "tower
of babble" achievement on Xbox 360 add my gamer tag :Fjwfifa.and say which
one you can help with or what your there for thanks

Author kristopher jagmohan ( ago)
One emp kills him

Author Jovany Perez ( ago)
It's easy just throw 1 emp and voila he goes away in the sky

Author Reggie Gerritsen ( ago)

Author Joanne Brar ( ago)
I was onwave20 and the power was on but I did see him
I had everything but not ther

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