Tranzit: How To Kill The Electric Man? Black Ops 2 Zombies Tutorial (HD)

**UPDATE! GALVAKNUCKLES can kill him also! but the best way is with the EMP Grenade!! This was my 1st time seeing HIM, and i didnt know what it was, please check the date of the vid lol..

Not sure where this electric man comes from! you turn on the power and he suddenly appears next time you take the bus to his area again where you turn the power on.

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Author Carson Cadogan (1 day)
You have to get the electric trap that is next to the power supply to stun
him and he may be vulnerable to bullets never tried it yet

Author Ori Geva (9 days)
Keep knifing him (no galvenukles)

Author David Monsees (8 days)
Lol he just tellaported still alive

Author Cassidy Rayburn (12 days)
Buy the galvanucks and it will only take 2-3 hits

Author RaiIN BoW (4 months)
can i boy emp granades somewhere ? or can i just get them from the mystery
box ?

Author Extra Krispy (20 days)
Ray gun kills him in one hit

Author Nick Mechelke (1 month)
You can kill him with concussion geranides to they work faster

Author Cindy Betz (22 days)
you can use AN emp or a electricnickles to kill him

Author TheJunes (1 month)
Thanks this worked 

Author Edgar Soltero (2 months)
That's shockwave he's the one who tells u all the magic

Author Brianna Torres (1 month)
U kill him with a EMP grenade

Author Ell Yorker (4 months)
I use the EMp to kill HIM

Author Zombie Hunter 100 (3 months)

Author Rendord (29 days)
If you want to KILL him you have to use jet engine gun

Author TheOleGames (3 months)
Dominic that was a mean move

Author Jeffrey Jost (27 days)
First use the trap, and the story is the girl that controlls the zombies is
getting board at her game... soooo she adds the electric zombie so it is
more entertaining

Author Shari Stettner (5 months)
this guy is a BITCH trying to find at round 4-8

Author Ki Miles (3 months)
stop bill save vail

Author Darien Guraleczka (1 month)
there is a galvasword

Author James Lusk (1 month)
i got to round 26 and i didnt encounter him WITH the power on

Author Bat Man (2 months)
EMP grenades will kill him faster

Author Eimantas Zvirgzdas (23 days)
the electrik man is rich toffen

Author Joel Gibbons (4 months)
I heard EMP works also

Author superpool12 (2 months)

Author Tai-Sean Allen (1 month)
u can use the galvanuckles

Author speedox12 (26 days)
Ahh, so you've discovered the electric man. As you speculated the electric
man is released from the nuclear reactor when you turn it on. The safest
and most effective way to kill it is when he shows up, stay on the bus it's
the safest thing to do and in order to kill him, knife him 5 times and he
will die. 

Author debbie willis (26 days)
Its fake

Author Rahman Saymon (2 months)
He comes like every 5 rounds throw emp so he never comes back.

Author DCruz (2 months)
The way I defeated him was he was he was on the boss then what happened I
kept knifing him and a few knifes of following him he died

Author James kenney (2 months)
the portal theat maxis made fucked up and forced power in and made him

Author Humam Alnuaimi (4 months)
Use emp grenade to kill him

Author Katherine Latimer (2 months)
You can kill with the ray gun and you can put your turbine in front of him
and he stands in one place lol

Author michael gutierrez (5 months)

Author Bobby Gillis (4 months)
Use glavanucks

Author Stephanie Morales (2 months)
Use jet gun dumb ass

Author alex james (2 months)
basically for all you people out there who do not have a lot of knowledge
on this guy:
His name is the agravado and he is part of an easter egg. The voice that
talks to you when you build the turbine is the voice of maxis. He guides
you step by step on what you have to do to complete the tower of power. He
will die if hit with emp, multiple galva knuckle punches, knifes, or ray
gun. the easter egg is a 4 person challenge that needs to be completed to
get rid of him for good. also if you do the easter egg it gives you perks.
Anyway, if you have more questions about the easter egg, the search up
tower of bable tutorial and you should find a video giving an in depth
tutorial. Like so people can see :)

Author Niggi Sama (3 months)
Fuck your mom all of ya

Author jackie bell (1 month)
Use the galvanuckles

Author James roberts (1 month)
take him to the tower in the cornfield but you got to have 3 or 4 players
with you so you got to have the power on then everybody starts throwing
power weapons and the jet gun is needed

Author Molly Azdar (2 months)
Throw emp

Author renae lee (5 months)
i like your videos ps use galviknuckles to kill him

Author Dominic Daniels (3 months)
you took 3 minutes and 43 seconds just to tell me that you stabbed him!
djhes you are a geek get a life!

Author Alex Barbee (5 months)
Btw emp is very useful. If you trow it at the pack a punch while a wepons
still inside, then it will destroy the weapon. XD It has the same effects
on the mystery box. XD!

Author tyler sage (4 months)
Thank You Man we killed him he's a little stupid head

Author Martin Gonzalez (4 months)
I smoked that bitch 

Author WWE mindcraft (3 months)
Emp grads

Author Tavaras Koonce (1 month)
i get it metal dosen`t go good with eiectrity =D

Author Joel Gibbons (4 months)
I heard EMP works also

Author alex james (2 months)
just saying he appears when you kill the last zombie while the lightning is
striking :l

Author Alex Barbee (5 months)
well... basicly... all you need to know about the electro zombie...
The electro zombie or avagodro is the key part to the tranzit easter egg.
He spawns after you turn the power on and when the last zombie of a round
is killed while lightning is flashing. You can kill him by knifing him,
galva knuckles/ bowie knife or an EMP grenade. Now on to his purpose... He
was put in as a key part in a set of tasks you need to do to unlock an
achievement. This is known as the tower of bable achievement. Look it up on
youtube!!! The story is richtofen and maxxis are both fighting for control
of the eather or something. When you finish all the tasks... you have
completes the easter egg for one side. After a completion of a task, the
icon for tranzit will glow orange. There are a total of three tasks... one
in tranzit, one in burried, and one in die rise. Look up videos for each.
If you have completed that, then you need to properly construck and
complete the nav-table.
Each nav table consists of 4 parts and a nav card. look up tutorials!!!
Then after all is said and done, there will be a button on burried that
will say push. Push it and some diologue will begin talking about maxis and
richtofen yealling at each other... By the way, richtofen is Sam's
imaginary friend. After each easter egg is completed, you will recieve a
special bonus like all the perks or other things like that. Thats all that
i know and it may not all be correct but i hoped it helped you :D

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