Tranzit: How To Kill The Electric Man? Black Ops 2 Zombies Tutorial (HD)

**UPDATE! GALVAKNUCKLES can kill him also! but the best way is with the EMP Grenade!! This was my 1st time seeing HIM, and i didnt know what it was, please check the date of the vid lol..

Not sure where this electric man comes from! you turn on the power and he suddenly appears next time you take the bus to his area again where you turn the power on.

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Author MF Galixify (1 month)
Took u forever to say u just have to knife and I Died now thanks a lot

Author Graeden Ball (4 days)
If you put a uncharged electric trap down and he stands on it he will get
sucked in it and make the tap charged at certain moments and uncharged at
certain moments. hope I help ;)

Author FrWiiZz BoII22 (13 days)
If there's any body who could help me get this achievement and the "tower
of babble" achievement on Xbox 360 add my gamer tag :Fjwfifa.and say which
one you can help with or what your there for thanks

Author Sean Smet (4 months)
The electric guys name is Avagadro (think that's how you spell it) anyway
he is trapped inside the big machine in the middle of the power room and
when you turn on the power you can actually see him escaping and if you
listen to the bus driver when your approaching the power station he calls
it something research station so that means that he must have been some
sort of science experiment. 

Author Pulse-channel (1 month)
I just went to look how other channels are making their guides, since i
posted mine.
But seriously you have to GALVA HIM NOT KNIFE HIM, or TOSS A EMP TO HIM.
hope this helps


Author cantryss (1 month)
It took 3 minutes, and 30 seconds of this guy meandering just to say knife
the guy?

Author Mystics (1 month)
His name is Avogadro, who is trapped in the generator until you turn the
power on. He can teleport to every major bus stopped except the tunnel. He
will spawn with any location with a thunder storm over it. I believe after
you kill Avogadro you get the achievement: Tower of Babble, I'm not
positive about that though. Hoped this helped. His name also comes from the
Famous Scientist: Amedeo Avogadro.

Author Lux Aeterna (11 days)
I heard EMP's work well against it

Author Jovany Perez (16 days)
It's easy just throw 1 emp and voila he goes away in the sky

Author Irish101gaming (3 months)
I dont think he acually dies. You see him do 100 backflips and then launch
in the sky. He maybe could return in the next treyarch game. If dont agree
leave a reply saying why beacause im not a super know everything about
zombies guy. But it is just a guess.

Author Chris Brown (1 month)
Bruh he doesn't die comes and fucks you up he has no meaning he comes every
now and then knuckles,emp,and bowie helps but he is just a boss who never
dies hope I cleared that up 👍

Author Joanne Brar (25 days)
I was onwave20 and the power was on but I did see him
I had everything but not ther

Author Anthony Woods (3 months)
The electic brass knuckles u get 4m top of the diner make it easier to kill
him also emp grinades 4m da box 

Author kickzalone Kuz (1 month)
u can use the car door sheild:D
4 koucks i think and his down

Author Reggie Gerritsen (22 days)

Author Alekzander Riccomini (1 month)
Don't tern on the power after round 10

Author kristopher jagmohan (13 days)
One emp kills him

Author alex abarca (1 month)
Dude I think the electric man weakness is empty bomb.

Author Stanley Papion (28 days)
There's an electric trap

Author xXzkiller457Xx (2 months)
Hey the galvan knuckles kills him in 5 hits and the Bowie knife kill him in

Author Fackincreeper4 (2 months)
Me and my brother knifed him like 200 times total and he didn't die.

Author zack boor (1 month)
Thank you for helping me I needed it because me and my friend had the guy 

Author luis zapeta (1 month)
Do the jav nuclels work on him to

Author Austin Hill (2 months)
you can kill him with a turbine or zombie sheild and a electricity trap and
yo mama

Author Guillermo Zamudio (2 months)
Emp granade

Author George-Thomas Beazley (2 months)
djhes your movie how to kill the eletirec men was cool stabinng him

Author Ropsu Ahonen (3 months)
Are you stupid? Just use emp!
Ps. 2:20 can you even reload that gun?! :D

Author ViperBroz (1 month)
Definitely not dead

Author Edvin Korkus (1 month)
I dont think he died

Author Kwaii Doritos (6 days)
Do emp grenades work?

Author Dewayne Reid (2 months)
You can nkife him with bucks or throw EMP granades

Author CandyManGaming (2 months)
I call him Sparky

Author Manli Hui (2 months)
You can throw a EMP grenade at him

Author Bob, Virginia, Robert, Destiny, Leland DeWitt (6 months)
Its a zombie that had a test put cords in him push on the lever that makes
the zombie powerful and now he,s pissed

Author Duck Hunt Dog (6 months)
You can actually beat Tranzit.

Author Patrick Luyckx (5 months)
Just throw EMP and them shoot with ray gun

Author Scott Juleon (3 months)
hie didn't die he just went to the sky to power back up and come back
stronger their is no way to actually kill him 

Author Julian Netzell (3 months)
Um has noone noticed that you can just shoot him when you turn the power
on? When he starts coming out just shoot him

Author Jayden Sneed (3 months)
When you turn the power on you will see a guy spining in the mashine

Author shadow killer 123 (4 months)
i heard that hes maxis soul but he cant control it any more

Author kateperryl (3 months)
i do think there is an emp grenade that can weaken him or something

Author Isaiah Tapia (4 months)
The knife you have does low damage but when use of the guavlea knuckles it
does a lot of damage
With emphasis it shuts down for a shot time
Use emp then use the knuckles

Author Nicky Daniels (2 months)
He's not dead

Author Popcorntheif (5 months)
I shot this guy with the ray gun twenty times. Now I find out knives kill
him. :,(

Author alex abarca (1 month)
Sorry I meant emp 

Author zach bland (4 months)
OK if you really wanna kill him use emp grenades it works in two hits trust

Author MP7 GAMER (4 months)
You can build a device that kills it

Author Armoni Shelly (4 months)
I wasted my rpd on him and ALL I HAD TO DO IS KNIFE HIM BULLSHIT

Author fijalin i (4 months)
1 shot with emp and ray gun

Author gerrit strabbing (4 months)
Its the Avogadro

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